Has a customer ever complained about you?

A customer complained to my manager about me today 💀

He ordered a to go order with me and a beer. I give him the beer and then I proceed to take care of other guests while I’m waiting for his food.
I went into the kitchen and I was traying up food for my other tables. I don’t think I was back there that long. Maybe 5 to 6 minutes at the most.

I come back out and he’s gone…he told the hosts that he’s going to the store. He was gone for like 45 minutes

Then he comes back and says “I wanted another beer but you disappeared”

I’m super confused…I was not gone for long. I was simply taking care of other customers.

Then he was complaining to my manager about how slow the service and that I “completely disappeared” even though that wasn’t true lol.

like bro, you downing a 22 oz beer in a matter of a single minute and being too impatient to wait 5 minutes for another one, is not my fucking issue. You’re an alcoholic.

that’s my biggest pet peeve. When customers expect you to wait on them and only them as if they’re the only ones in the fucking restaurant.

Customers will literally see you have a full bar top, 4 tables, they’ll see you running around like a maniac and still have the nerve to be like “what’s taking so long” read the fucking room stupid 😐

I’m not Superman. I don’t have 20 arms. I can’t be in 2 places at once. I’m not your personal servant.
I take care of 20 people at a time plus I make drinks for every table in the restaurant…

Like excuuuuuse me for not being there for you immediately after you chugged your beer.

then he lied saying I said he can only get two breadsticks with his order. Like sir I said you can get two breadsticks PER MEAL so that’s 4 total. And he literally said “that’s perfect!”
Not you lying just to get extra bread 💀

At the end of the day, bro still tipped me so I don’t care LMAOOO. A tip is the only goal so I win 😋😋😋

Has a customer ever complained about you?
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