Do you ever think about the advantages you have?

When I was in school, I was shocked every day at how lucky I was, to have access to computers and butter chicken and movies and school...

What is your occupation?

What is your occupation or what work do you do?

Do you think women are envious that men don’t have to decide between career and family but they do?

Serena retired early because she had to choose tennis or motherhood And Brady is older than her

At what age I should home?

Should I buy home by taking how much % loan of the flat value?

If someone is unemployed do you assume they are lazy?

I don’t have a job currently I just graduated. But even before I’ve never had a job somehow. I don’t really see a problem with someone...

Should I be offended that they never updated me on the position?

I used to think I worked at a great office with a wonderful team. I thought everyone respected me and valued my hard work. Two...
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Fed is raising rates.75%, what will Dow lose tomorrow?

Expect huge lost tomorrow
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Coworker comes into work barefoot?

I've brought it up to the manager repeatedly and she does nothing. Now I want to report it to HR because not only is it disgusting, but...
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Would you go back to an old work place if you can't find a job?

So I left a place 3 years ago. When I first joined that place it was great as there were different managers, I got on with everyone...
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Truth or myth, there are no overweight successful women in the workplace?

I am trying to determine that it's a myth that overweight women don't advance in careers. No doubt there is some weight discrimination...
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Are you satisfied by yourself or do you want to develop more?

For me as a student of course I have to develop and I also want to develop. As per my career as writer and musician, I want to...
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