Hannah's Songs of August '15

I know this is early but I think I've already found some great gems for this month! It's mainly house music seeing as that's the trend this year, but I'm not complaining! There are some great music coming out and a couple great ones from my favourite - Oliver Helden. If you're British, then you may have heard most of these.

Show Me Love (EDX Indian Summer Remix) Sam Feldt

Another remix of this song, but a good one!

Bring Me To Life ft Milly Pye MK

Discovered this gem through the new radio station here which only plays new music! The vocals will give you goosebumps. ♥

You Know Oliver Helden ft Zeds Dead

I found this great tune after finding Shades of Grey below.

Shades of Grey (Ft. Delaney Jane) Oliver Helden & Shaun Frank

I love the female singer in this song.

Two Minds Nero

I didn't like this song when I first heard it, but now it's grown on me.

The Party ft. Montell Jordan (This Is How We Do It) Joe Stone

This song used to get on my nerves because of a certain lyric (you'll notice it, I'm sure) but I still like it!

Body On Me ft Chris Brown Rita Ora

A very new song which doesn't even have a video yet but I have fallen for it entirely.

How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris & Disciples

This is my number one favourite.

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  • So Montell Jordan re recorded that song?

  • How does this only have 1 comment! ? :O

    You Know Oliver Helden ft Zeds Dead <3
    Are these songs hot in the UK? Tired of top 40 in the US


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