7 Reasons Why 80's Music Sounds Good Even In Our Days

I'm talking about period 1982-1987 mostly here. But generally to put it in a wider range, the period from 1978 till 1990 is definitely the golden era in music in my opinion.

Personally I started to discover 80s music more and more since I was 15, thanks to a few sites I came across by then. Also my dad used to play in his car many 80s songs when I was like 8-9 years old, so I was pretty much raised with the music from that era. Almost a decade later I find myself recognising instantly an 80s hit when it's played on some store for example, and I might recognise a good amount of non-hits as well, if they were playing them too.

1) Each genre was closer to the casual listener, thanks to 80s production.

For example I don't like Soul genre much. 80s production techniques though, made Soul genre more accessible to someone like me.

2) Most songs could be played both on the Dancefloor or in a Stadium.

Some examples:

3) Even crappiest songs from that era, sound better for today's standards.

Of course not every song released by then was awesome. There are songs which are crap indeed. But even those sound better than most songs from our days.

4) Music videos were more creative.

MTV was a fresh thing by then, so people kept watching it. Also many non-American bands, made it in America thanks to their music-videos. In other words they had to put much more dedication in order to make a good video-clip.

5) Analogue sound is always superior.

By then they used analogue equipment when each band/artist were/was recording an album. Today most albums are made via computers, so they sound inferior.

6) People were still buying music.

Although internet made music more accessible which isn't a bad thing at all. It's a bad thing for the artists though. Still, by the fact people were buying music, it made artists more motivated to produce better music I believe.

7) Extended mixes.

It was fascinating to listen to an Extended Mix of a single, and then compare it with the album version, wasn't it?

7 Reasons why 80s music sounds good even in our days.


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  • So true. I mean I love 80's music. Can't get enough. I like it better than 70s, and 90s and 60s. One of my favorite modern bands is Walk The Moon because their album Talking Is Hard, has that 80s feel to it.

    • 70s would be my second favorite decade. Especially 1978-1979 period, since I'm a new wave fan. But in most part of the 70s we had good albums as well.

      Who are your favorite bands and artists by the way?

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    • Nice seems like you are leaning into a more AOR direction (Foreigner, Journey, Boston)...

    • Yeah. I guess I am. I mean it's good music and I love listening to it. I like almost every genre of music out there except country. Lol

  • Buuut... it doesn't. O. o

    • I don't accept just an "it doesn't".

      Why? Explain...

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    • 80s were superior in many other fields except music as well. Like video-games and even fashion.

      Yes really. Now most guys grow a beard and they have this idiotic man bun or however it's called. Not to mention those super stupid nerdy hipster glasses most people from both genders wear. Back then most were clean-shaven, and more decent looking.

      I also liked those plastic earrings and rings chicks used to wear back then and nice puffy hair. But again it's a matter of taste, but still I wish I was an adult in 80s and not now.

    • Then your opinion is flawed.

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  • I think there is room for every generation musically but for most there is an era that appeals to them most - I think for me that era was the era this take is about, it coincided with my early to mid teens when I first became aware of music. That said there are other types of music I enjoy as they crop up or I discover their existence. Maybe it is a personal bias but I do think a lot of 80s music stands the test of time. I think a lot of the stuff I am into is very strong lyrically and soundwise you can still listen to - I find myself listening to stuff from then and I rarely go "What was I thinking, I was such a kid to like that"
    Just one thing, if you are who I think you are, we had this discussion before, I could never take to the 12" extended remixes, they just seemed to me a marketing ploy to elongate a song and release it as a 12" inch single to make cash.
    I agree with you on the live front a lot of bands or performers while standing on their two feet where renowned for epic live shows. U2/Queen/The Waterboys and Bruce Springteen, if Bruce played less than 3 hours you would be looking for your money back.
    It was also the era before special effects all these bands had was there music, most stadium gigs would have a curfew so even fancy stage lights would have minimum effect but a lot performers from those days didn't need anything all Freddie Mercury needed was a microphone.
    Even now I am surprised by 80s music for 30 years I have been saying that I would never get into The Smiths and recently I started to listen to them, finding them really good.

    • Yes I am "who you think I am" and I remember. Personally I like many 12" extended mixes if the song is nice. It's the extended melody more or less, and I enjoy it more if it lasts like 8 minutes instead of 4.

      Let's not forget INXS the best 80s Rock band perhaps. Even if "Kick" was way too overrated and overshadowed their previous, and better, albums, still they were flawless I believe.

      As for The Smiths. I'd say they are as overrated as Beatles were in the 60s and as Nirvana were in the 90s. Except "How Soon Is Now?" I don't recall any actual good song they made. They were pretty forgettable to me.

  • I'm not that into 80's but daamm 90's still rock my ears every time I listen to 90's stuff :D

    • 90s Electronic and Hip-hop music were good actually. But Rock genres went crap after 80s ended.

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