10 new-wave and synth-pop instrumentals from 80s

Instrumentals are not common within those genres,but there are some pretty good instrumentals there,often overlooked.

1) Age Of Blows by Spandau Ballet (track #5 from the album “Journeys To Glory”) (1981)

2) Counterforce 2 by Heaven 17 (B-Side from the 12” single “Sunset Now”)(1984)

3) Ecstasy by New Order (track #7 from the album Power, Corruption & Lies)(1983)

4) Intro by A Flock Of Seagulls (B-Side from the 12” single “Telecommunication”)(1982)

5) Monument by Ultravox (B-Side from the 7” and 12” single “Hymn”) (1982)

6) Mr. No by John Foxx (D-Side from the double 7” single “No-One Driving”)(1980)

7) Nurse Shark by Thompson Twins (B-Side from the 7” and 12” single “Doctor! Doctor!”)(1984)

8) On Our Way To? by Blancmange (B-Side from the 12” single “Blind Vision”) (1983)

9) So by Soft Cell (B-Side from the single “What!”)(1982)

10) Tel Aviv by Duran Duran (track #9 from album the “Duran Duran”)(1981)


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  • Thank you for this awesome take, fellow vintage music lover! :D

    • u r welcome :D :D :D

      wot genres do u prefer?

    • new wave, indie, rock, alternative... anything i can relate to :)

    • i love new wave... but not a big fan of rock tbh.

      i always liked more electronc-related genres!

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  • Wow these tracks are awesome. Listening to the music produced by the real instruments rather than which are produced electronically is better and always will be :)

    You're the greatest 80s fan alive lol :)


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  • 7) Nurse Shark by Thompson Twins (B-Side from the 7” and 12” single “Doctor! Doctor!”)(1984) is my favorite...
    i am not so familiar with the rest!!! Good take... So much to learn from this take about vintage music!

  • Nice myTake :) although I'm not too familiar with this genre it was still a very good take!


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