10 Songs that Make Me Feel Like a Badass B*tch

I have a Youtube playlist with all these songs on it, and they make me feel a lot better in two types of moments, 1) if I'm in a shitty mood and have just been hurt by someone, 2) if I'm getting ready to go somewhere, like before a party. It gives me that extra little boost I need.

1. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

(the a capella version of this song is really good too, Ariana can SING).

2. Queen - Killer Queen

I love Queen so much, any one of their songs can put me in a good mood, but this takes the cake. If I could make this my themesong, I would.

3. Hailee Steinfeld - You're Such A

"Damn you're such a d...." gets me every time. This song is exceptionally good post-breakup too.

4. Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

These two make a hot pair. Nuff said.

5. Kanye West - Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx

Honestly, I threw this in because I find it funny more than anything else.

6. Beyoncé - Run the World

I don't think you can find a more empowering song than this.

7. Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

One of those classics that will never get old. I've danced to this song awkwardly around the house more times than I can count.

8. M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Not as boppy as the other songs, but it's still got good themesong vibes. It would make a good backing track to a movie, in fact I'm pretty sure I first heard this song in a film, but I cannot for the life of me remember which one.

9. Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy

Thank you, Suicide Squad, because now every time I hear this song I picture Harley Quinn. Also, fun fact: this is actually a cover of the original song performed by Lesley Gore in 1964. (This cover in my opinion, is far better though).

10. Beyoncé - Single Ladies

The ultimate badass song. Whenever this is played at a party, me and my squad all form a group on the dance floor and dance along in perfect syncronization.


Anyways, these are all the songs I can think of off the top of my head right now, but let me know what songs you listen to that make you feel baddass.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wait, Hailee Steinfeld The fourteen year old girl who played Mattie Ross in the True Grit remake?
    The one where she showed that she had the kind of Acting chops you normally see on winners of best actor AT FOURTEEN. ( Before you hate on me, The original True grit is still the best, but the remake was also fairly good.)
    WHY IS SHE SINGING AND NOT ACTING. She could be the youngest winner of best actress by now with acting chops like that


Most Helpful Girl

  • One of my personal favorites is Hurricane by Halsey, my favorite part of the lyrics is
    I'm a wanderess
    I'm a one night stand
    Don't belong to no city
    Don't belong to no man
    I'm the violence in the pouring rain
    I'm a hurricane

    that part makes me feel like a bad bitch who don't need a man haha


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