Kanye: Kim Kardashian's Weight Problems

Since they got together Kanye has used Kim for his fashion promotions. She was his walking billboard - and it worked!

Kanye: Kim Kardashian's Weight Problems


Kanye: Kim Kardashian's Weight Problems

He's been slowly pushing her to lose weight to the point of all of her implants being more and more apparent - looking like cushions on a board.

Kanye: Kim Kardashian's Weight Problems

Her butt implants, hip implants and breast implants have never looked more artificial (although I suspect she minimized her breasts a bit to fit with her new frame).


Kanye: Kim Kardashian's Weight Problems

Is it worth it to be in a relationship with someone who's going to dictate how you look, how much weight you lose or gain and how you dress yourself?

For Kim - the answer is "Yes."

For the rest of us: You decide!

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  • Before, before... 😝

    She used to be really quite attractive..

    As for your question, I’d think it’s true to some extent for everyone. We all want our partners to dress properly and maintain a healthy weight, it would be hard to stay with someone who completley let themselves go.

  • would still pump her


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