Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

In the last few hours I made two posts. One as myself and one Anonymously.

My first post was titled:

Do you think it's appropriate to have a size 16 model cover Sports Illustrated?

Do you think it's appropriate to have a size 16 model cover Sports Illustrated?

The responses I got were angry, defensive, and supportive of Ashley Graham.

Responses like:

"Hell yea she's very sexy"

"Someone's jelly of dem curves lol"

"she's marketable, why not"

"I think it's AMAZING!!! She doesn't even look fat at all. She's an inspiration"

"How is her weight unhealthy?"

Clearly, the response was majorly one sided. Ashley Graham is healthy, sexy, fit, and should definitely have the cover of Sports Illustrated, because why not, right? She's an inspiration of course!

After the responses I made my second post, anonymously.

The post was titled:

Am I slim, average, or overweight?

Am I slim, average, or overweight?

In the post, I described myself as 5'9 (Ashley Grahams height), 198 pounds (three pounds lighter than Ashley), and attached this picture I googled of Ashley.

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

Here were the responses.

"Yes, you are overweight."


"That's overweight for your height."

"Definitely overweight, close to obese"

"Edging on obesity..."

"obese. you should see a nutritionist to help you get to a healthy weight."

So why when it's an anonymous girl is she obese, but when it's a girl on Sports Illustrated it's "inspirational" and "average"?

The truth is that people are supportive of Ashley Graham because they are afraid not to be. They want to ride the "everyone is beautiful!" bandwagon and promote unhealthy weight. Some people want the excuse to be on the heavier side of the weight spectrum, while others don't want to be the asshole that calls Ashley Graham fat and gets verbally beaten to death for it.

Being 5'9 and 201 pounds is not healthy, it's overweight, and not only is Ashley Graham covering a Sports magazine having a bad impact on young girls, but men as well, because now they feel they have to lie and tell overweight girls they're beautiful when they really don't find them attractive.

Guys, do you think that is fair? Would you be attracted to a girl that size, in all honesty?

And before you freak out, I don't think a girl with a 15.5 BMI should be on the cover just the same as a girl with a 29.6. That is also f*cking stupid.

Ashley Graham cover of Sports Illustrated
Ashley Graham cover of Sports Illustrated

The cover of a sports magazine should be covering girls like:

Allison Stokke, a champion pole vaulter and track and field runner

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

Anastasia Ashley, a professional surfer

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

and Lauren Sesselmann, a soccer Olympian

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!

Because we should be inspiring our daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, and every other woman in our lives to be healthy, active, and most importantly, goal achieving. These women aren't skinny, they are healthy, they're beautiful, and they are accomplished.

THESE women are inspirational. THESE women are sexy. THESE women have never been on the cover of Sports Illustrated... but Ashley Graham has?

Ashley Graham is overweight, and everyone is just afraid to say it!
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  • dangerDoge
    To be honest, I would agree with you here. I usually try to avoid the questions with the magazine model controversy, because one does tend to attract a lot of crap from others when they call someone unhealthy.
    BMI of 29.6 isn't technically obese, but it is definitely overweight and is definitely close. (30 appears to be the "obese" line).

    It was an interesting little experiment you did there. For future experiments though, I would try and not comment on people's opinions with your own opinion as that actually influences people's choices.

    In any case, it is kind of hypocritical of society to praise weight as a hero only when there is fame involved. I think it has something to do with political correctness and how it is more prevalent today.

    We should promote what we want society to aspire to be. People get influenced by what they see and what they read, etc. Now that is not to say we need to stick-thin unhealthily skinny people-- that would be the same problem as Ashley on the other side of the spectrum, but fit and healthy people like shown at the end are quite inspirational.

    They don't have to be professional athletes, but I think healthy people should be the magazine models, same as you do. Models are called models because they are supposed to be models of society, the cream of the crop.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CHARismatic110
    Who fucking cares!!! She's not losing any sleep over who thinks she's overweight, obese or whatever. People aren't bitching and complaining when thin models are on the cover. Thin doesn't equal sporty. Have a fucking actual athlete on the cover of the magazine if that's the case. People saying she doesn't deserve to be on the cover because she didn't earn it because she's bigger is bullshit. And she's a fucking model just like any other model. The fuck did they do to deserve the cover? Workout and eat healthy? Well guess what? She does that too. I'm so sick of this tired ass argument. y'all don't give a fuck about her health either so save that excuse. She isn't what y'all prefer so y'all are throwing a bitchfit. Get the fuck over it.
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    • Agreed who gives a rat's ass if she's overweight

    • TripleAce

      @RainbowFanGirl actually she's a healthy size and wieght. Her waist is measure at 29.5. Medically thats considering healthy for women

      Weight in other areas is not bad, its only belly fat thats usually a concern

    • @TripleAce Yea. BMI is not even accurate in some cases. Many athletes are classified as obese.

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  • Mustachekitteh
    I agree with your take 100%

    Anyone who has an unhealthy body fat % and doesn't do any kind of sports. Shouldn't be on a sports magazine at all. To me that doesn't make any sense to have someone who is unhealthy, overweight, and doesn't do sports to be on any sports magazine.

    The height and weight isn't my issue actually. It's the body fat % that I don't agree with. Since a person can be over weight but still be healthy and in perfect shape. They just end up having more muscle and other things causing them to weigh more.

    Even more sometimes you end up looking hotter being toned and weighing more than not being toned and weighing less.
    being toned and weighing more
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    • MissMc3

      Thank you very much :)

    • Massageman

      Muscle tissue is more dense than adipose (fatty) tissue, so the same or higher mass of tissue fits in a smaller package. The picture shows a common outcome with an exercise regime- you stop losing weight, but you keep shrinking, since you drop fatty tissue which takes up the space, and develop more muscle tissue which takes up less but is more dense.

    • Lauren Sesselmann is smooooooooooooooooooking beautiful !!! Ashely Graham? Meh.

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  • BertMacklinFBI
    aww fuck i clicked on your question but i didn't post. D:
  • Rawrzz
    Yeah. She's fat. Anyone with a BMI over 28 is unhealthy and fat. Not thick. Anyone who can't compare and contrast is blind.

    It's almost insulting to put a fat chick on Sports Illustrated. We're reaching this point where society is trying to shift attraction to fat women. Not fat men, mind you. Fat women. Apparently the fat guys get left at the door. In a few decades, 50% of American children will be obese according to some stats I read at some point. Possibly incorrect or incorrectly recalled stats; but regardless of the stats, 10% of children are obese, and 23% are overweight in America. Adolescent obesity has fucking quadrupled in the last 30 years. It's an outrage. It's "our country is starting to die, so lets glorify the cause."

    To actually glorify such a thing is pure retardation. I need to get out of this place. I think I'll move to Denmark or Japan. You know, in Japan, people tell people they know "Oh, dude, you're getting fat. Are you eating too much? Are you exercising enough?" In America, we say "Oh, you look so BEAUTIFUL!" Political correctness is a disease.

    I don't think it's fair, no. Men are more and more expected to find every single woman the most beautiful woman on Earth, or, as you said, be verbally beaten to death for it. The only correct answer to "is this woman attractive" is "all women are beautiful." Which is kinda ironic given how it's so often claimed that a woman has a right to choose whatever man she likes and have preferences. It's not like I control what I am attracted to. I either am or I aren't. Of course, I don't care if someone tries to verbally beat me to death, because I can beat them right back.

    And yeah. This PC thing would call all of those three women you suggested for SI are anorexic or boney. It's ludicrous.
  • Red_Arrow
    She is overweight. That is true. But your "experiment" was extremely biased to get the results you wanted. In the one where you identified her, the picture was a flattering one of her. She has a pretty face and that picture is shot at an angle that minimizes her size. Add to that the poll choices were "It's teaching girls that being unhealthy is okay", which is not exactly true and extreme, and "It's good for girls/womens self esteem", which is true, and is not saying that she is not overweight.

    In the other question you chose a bad picture of her that cut off her pretty face and showed her figure in a very unflattering pose, making it seem worse than it already is. You also prodded people with "I don't think I'm overweight at all", when obviously the girl in the picture is overweight. That got an argument going about whether the picture is overweight.

    In the "honest" question about her on the cover, it was an honest discussion with people saying she is overweight, but not obese, and that she represented a huge portion of the population, size-wise. Somehow that seems to have offended you.

    Even more telling is that now you have posted three "questions" that are all trying to attack accepting women her size rather than attacking them as you do. Three questions on this! Do you have nothing else that you aver think about?
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Eveybody knows that she is overweight. The point of the matter is... you can be overweight and still be sexy. That's what she is trying to accomplish by being on the cover. You don't have to be a size two to be attractive. No, she's not promoting obesity by being on the cover, she is representing more body types, rather than fit and thin.

    Despite being overweight, she still lives a fairly active healthy lifestyle. But... most people wouldn't know that because we always judge by what's on the outside. Like people don't know I starve myself... And work out 5 days a week. They just think I'm this chubby teenager who sits on My ass all day eating junk...

    Don't believe me? Here's an article. Say she's not losing weight? Well she is a plus size model and she has to maintain that weight in order to be a plus sized model.

    • MissMc3

      For everyone discussing how she goes to the gym constantly, Ashley most likely goes to the gym as often as a skinny model eats cheesecake. Sure, thin models will take pictures with cheesecake claiming they don't starve themselves, but do they actually eat it? Probably not.

    • "... but she also eats very healthy and works out 3 days a week to maintain her size 14 that she absolutely loves."

    • MissMc3

      Oh yes, how could there possibly be fabrication in a womens magazine?

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  • meatballs21

    I agree with you. She just looks weird, like her head is too small for the rest of her body.

  • ksoma
    You look at her face, you see she is pretty.
    you look at her body, and realize she isn't.
    The idea that that is what men should want, that women should be happy and content to look that way, is awful.
    Beyond the negative health effects, the fact that it just isn't appealing, and how sports illustrated should focus on women in sports, there is also the fact that anyone who is a model, and fat, is lazy.
    A model has to maintain their body, and their figure, to make great photographs, and get paid.
    Adriana Lima of Victoria Secret spends hours every week, even away from show dates, in the gym. Her favorite exercise to stay active? Boxing. The woman practices boxing hours every week. Hundreds of hours every year. She posts pics of her hands, joking that the VS makeup crew applies more to her knuckles than to her face before shows.
    Ashley Graham? She maintains her figure with a big mac. And she expects jobs and photoshoots because denying her is fatphobic and sizeist or some such shit. That isn't work ethic. that isn't effort. that is having everything given to you, confident in the knowledge that million hambeasts will rage and literally shake the planet if she got fired for "not matching the look we want associated with our product."
  • ThatDudeWitt
    Let me list this for you...
    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: I don't care how big Ashley Graham is, her face is gorgeous and her confidence and smile will always make her sexy.
    2. Who cares? If people are supporting Ashley Graham because they feel they have to then oh well. But trust me when I say that people DO NOT hold back on her Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with their opinions because people think "hey, if I think, I should say it. Even if it is cruel!"
    3. Stop worrying about Ashley Graham and lose weight for yourself if you want: Seriously.
    4. Plenty of healthy and beautiful, strong women have been featured on SI, so stop acting like they are doing some kind of injustice.
    5. Healthy doesn't come in one size: Ashley Graham has a healthy body and works out regularly. Could she lose more weight? Sure, but why do you care? And why do you assume you have to be thin to be healthy. And why is someone who is healthy and also curvy a bad role model for girls?
    6. Why aren't you complaining about the girls on SI who have good bodies?: Plenty of women have graced the cover of SI who have been drug addicts, bullies, and down right horrible people... where are your complaints about them.
    Bottom line: Stop comparing yourself to Ashley Graham, lose weight if you want to, post better topics to talk about.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Ya Ashley Graham is fat, and unattractive. SI is just rebranding to attract subscribers. That's how you know the whole widespread fatness problem is a pervasive issue. Just be healthy people, what's the problem

    Makes for fit hot people stand out more tho
    • lolatyou

      The problem is, you don't really know who is healthy on those covers or not. Some people who are fit or skinny really don't take care of themselves well and sometimes do unhealthy things to achieve that look.

      Definitely agree that they should promote being healthy more, the problem is people think they know how healthy people are just by appearances alone and that's just not the truth in some cases.

    • @lolatyou Well, definitely truth there. I think weight is an indication of personal health, but definitely isn't the only, or the best, indicator.

    I wasn't afraid to say it! Did you see my MyTake which was about the same topic? I agree with you 100%. Fat is not attractive and I don't care what anyone says; she is F-A-T fat! I don't care if that's the "average" size of most American women. It simply just means that a lot of American women then are similarly also fat. Hence the obesity epidemic.
  • cavmanier
    Yes she is medically overweight. Often when one group is seen as having a more commonly undesirable trait or if the group has went though hardship, this generates many people to have sympathy for them. I think she has a lot of sympathy from many.

    In your first question about if having a plus size model on the sports illustrated cover is appropriate, I think there is a combination of certain people thinking she really is attractive, and there are also people that just want to support a person with a different body type in an industry dominated by slim women.

    When you asked your second question about if the girl is overweight, yes there is a large percentage of men that find overweight bodies unattractive. We know that. I think people from that group of people were just expressing that.

    My point is the same people didn't necessarily give contradictory answers based on whether they saw her face. They were different people answering. That is interesting that you were able to fairly uniformly attract the people aligned to one side of the obesity opinion by asking different versions of the same topic. I bet people subconsciously felt more comfortable expressing their side based on the phrase of your question.
  • Lisa_Zhang
    That Ashley Graham is very fat, I think its really nasty that people try to push this ideal of gluttony and early death as being beautiful or natural.

    Allison Stokke is quite the ideal, she is a serious athlete and beautiful... she deserves to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  • DodgersGM
    Well, I personally think she looks good. Note gonna lie. I also think that her popularity is a direct response to decades of underweight, malnourished "supermodels" being shoved down our throats, but that's a whole 'nother issue.

    That said, I agree that health should always be the number one priority. Period. So yeah: would this girl be in better health if she lost some weight? Yeah, she almost certainly would, and therefore she should.
  • HandsomeRaj
    1. Good take young lady and awesome experimenting :)
    2. However, let's know one thing before we even talk about the why. What rules absolute is PERCEPTION ( @solitude1 ) - don't mind the mention, I just want her to see this
    3. We are reared to go by popular perception
    4. The girl shown on a magazine cover is overweight (atleast by the look of it) BUT she's meant to be on the cover of a magazine hence make up, lights, camera angles etc
    5. Whereas in your pic none of these considerations have been included :)
    6. This is where the perception pops up
    7. If I'd had a go at your question then I'd have found both the pics luscious cause I like larger women. But again I'd have pointed out toning up but no comments on the weight part. except maybe a pointer to watch for health reasons that would again entirely be your call
    8. I go for what suits my eye and taste bearing least fixations but I'd say always each to his/her own :)
    9. Model on a magazine cover or even inside it is meant to be made attractive and there are means including but not limited to a whole professional team doing it. Comparing that to a casual picture will never do justice and again like I said it's all about perception & media does just that - caters to popular perception :)
    10. Won't opine on your question since it'd sound awfully put on if I do so after reading your awesome My Take here :)

    Good job though & yes I love both the pics <3
  • SunsetRose
    Different men like different body types. It's not fair for you to say "men as well, because now they feel they have to lie and tell overweight girls they're beautiful when they really don't find them attractive." I agree that the cover of a sports magazine should feature a badass female athlete, but that's not how "swimsuit edition" works. We are continually objectified. It doesn't matter what size a woman is, she will still be objectified.
    • AdamThomas

      It's the truth. I've been guilty of it in the past where I've said they look attractive when I don't really think so because it's what I'm supposed to say. Only an asshole would say otherwise right? No guy I know would prefer her to those other more slim, fitter women. Men aren't as fake about it when women aren't around to hear, trust me.

    • Well men lie to overweight girls often lol. They settle down with them. Why do you think many married men especailly get prostitutes? Or trade in their older wives for a younger model...

  • WhaChaChaKing
    It's obviously not healthy and I don't find it attractive at all. Why do people in good shape or at least normal shape get no love? Seems like you either have to be anorexic or obese and I don't think that's very fair. I'm sure some skinny people work really hard to stay that way but why not give credit to people doing it in a healthy way? I find toned/fit women to be the most attractive and think they need more attention.
    • MissMc3

      Agreed, you never see a crossfire star on the cover, why not?

    • You mean crossfit, right? If not then I don't know what you mean lol.

    • MissMc3

      Oh lol yes, I meant crossfit :P

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  • Alohaloli
    Totally agree!!! Ashley Grahm is fat. She is pretty but this is a title a position of honor and you have to earn it. Put effort into maintaining yourself. It is sports illustrated so play sports eat meat snd fruits and leafy greens but the bags of chips go to her hips and send a message that you can get that title without commitment. The athletes may eat chips but they burn the calories. And thry send a message to be active and fuel their bidy as a machine. And be disciplined
  • lolatyou

    People need to find better things to do than to concern themselves with someone else's weight. Some chick posing for a magazine cover in a bikini isn't my idea of a life changing event.
    • It seemed to care to a lot of people when women in covers were anorexic...

    • matter*

    • @AleDeEurope anorexia is a mental illness. they identify and seem themselves as fat. when they look in the mirror and imagine themselves they see a fat person therefore they stop eating or eat very little. a lot of people in my family suffered from including my mother. Its a identity disease.

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  • theceejmachine
    I think she is drop dead gorgeous, and in no way "obese." Yeah she's got some extra meat on her bones, but she's the way women are supposed to look. Not like those anorexic models that are nothing more than an ass with two poles for legs.

    And guys, cut the crap with the body shaming. If you're going to criticize a woman's body, you better be damn sure you look like Johnny Depp.
    • "... but she's the way women are supposed to look"

      There's no definitive way women should look. Women come in all shapes and sizes and to say women should conform to one body type is contradictory to your body shaming critique.

      Regardless, I find that women body shame women much more than men do. Overweight women just love bashing on skinny women, calling them sticks, and that they should eat a cheeseburger. Skinny women also call other women fat for having any bit of curvature to their bodies. It's a damn shame the media has caused so much insecurity among women that they have to go and rip each other's egos apart.

  • hazoplmeught
    The picture you had on the other post made her look completely different, she looked super sexy because of photoshop and lighting. These pictures are less touched and she is plain fat. Didn't know photoshop could make someone look that different
  • AleDeEurope
    Of course she's overweight, but today it seems like people just wanna be all cool and friendly with everyone, even when it's hurting society, cause yes, just like anorexic models hurt girl's view of themselves, overweight ones will too.

    It's not ok to be FAT! Stop trying to make it a thing, people. You're free to be FAT, no one is gonna stop you from doing so, but that doesn't make it ok.
    It's f*cking ridiculous that people think when we're calling them out on something, we're forcing them to not do that. No. You're FAT, that's what you are, stop trying to convince us that it's natural and/or beautiful. If you like it, good, but you're still gonna be FAT.

    We should stop trying to please everyone even when it goes against our principles. It's a sports magazine, does she look like she's working out? Fuck no. It's like putting an obese man on a cover of UNICEF article about hunger in Africa.
  • RationalMale

    Ashley Graham is getting market time because of fat women who want to feel better, and a few chubby chaser men.

    She is not attractive at all compared to actual physically fit women.
    • But don't most women look so boringly generic. Ashley is something creative like a curvy cheese burger.

    • nymous1234

      in your view she is not attractive in my view those last women are not sexually attractive either. Now i do not know what sports illustrated is about at all but from the name i would assume athletes should be on the cover lol but ashley graham is not an athlete i think she is a model so that is a bit weird, but to be honest i do not know who they usually put on the cover anyway

    • nymous1234

      but i genuinely do not understand why everyone thinks that what they think is attractive is the epitome of beauty. maybe the magazines are trying to appeal to more people and make the fashion or beauty industry less closed off which is a good thing it reflects that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder i think :D

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  • Kemil_Zhoki
    If she were working out and trying to be healthy I wouldn't say a word, but as she is glorifying her borderline obesity and its likely future of diabetes and heart disease I feel compelled:


    I say it in love, hoping that others who are heading towards the abyss will instead work towards being healthy.
  • spuitkaas
    I totally agree with you. Models like Ashley are not healthy. People can say 'but she probably eats healthy and exercises a lot so it can't hurt', but it still can. It only takes part of the unhealthyness away. She still has too much body fat.
    I always wonder why it has to be these extreme opposites. Either super skinny or obese. Why not a real normal body with a bmi of 20 or something?
  • EpicDweeb
    I don't think there's any reason for any of these women NOT to be on the cover Ashley Graham included... I don't actually know who that is but as far as I can tell she's a very beautiful woman. To me, yes she looks overweight, but she isn't anywhere near being obese. I'm afraid I never responded to your anonymous question on the subject but it wouldn't make any difference. I don't really find anything unattractive about being overweight so long as a person isn't obese. People may call Ashley Graham obese but... she isn't. I've seen obese, and morbidly obese, and fat, and overweight. All of them are very different. If her fat isn't rolling up on itself she isn't obese and is on the low end of fat. This woman may be fat but she isn't on obese nor is she bordering on it. She is overweight and she is beautiful. Do I think she should strive to be healthier in life? Most certainly, but that applies to all people. I think she is beautiful and since I don't actually know who she is (though you can only take my word on that) you can't pretend that I'm biased on the issue.
  • sthrnsweeti
    Does anyone even know anything about Ashley Graham other than she's on the cover of Sports Illustrated and she's a plus size model? She works out daily (check out her Instagram) and she promotes a healthy lifestyle. Some people are just born bigger. She could have a thyroid problem that no one knows about or some other medical issue that causes her to carry extra weight. Or have you ever seen a woman athlete that does track and field? All of those woman are extremely athletic but they are built bigger and they have to be in order to excel at their sport. All I'm saying is that you can't judge a book by its cover the same way you can't say a skinny girl doesn't eat or that she has an eating disorder. The same way you can't say that a skinny person is healthy and in shape. Being healthy is about what's going on inside your body. I know plenty of skinny men and women that can't even run a quarter of a mile without dying. Is Ashley Graham overweight? Yes.. she's a plus size model. Does that take away from her beauty? Absolutely not.
  • Ghosted
    tbh, the combination of having mostly fit models and sometimes chubby but pretty faced models is all inspiring. being fit isn't automatically inspirational as u may hope, in fact, it being flashed in ppls faces all the time is prolly why we have so many people with eating disorders and unhealthy insecurity. maybe that wasn't hte intention of showing a fit model, but its an effect thats there and real and u can't ignore it. on the flip side, fitness may be inspiring too esp in cases like that fit mom who was in the news for being so fit after having 3 kids or whatever.

    at the other end, the overweight model is overweight yes, but she may inspire people to accept themselves which is the first step to making any change. i can't foresee a society where overweight will be promoted, we have enough fat hate to last forever really. so its a non issue in my opinion. also in my opinion, the criticism about overweight seems to be complicated by hte issue that many overweight people are bullied which is not right. its not like smoking criticism where there's a stigma that makes smokers self conscious but its not exactly associated with bullying, rather, its associated with being cool in ones youth
  • LittleSally
    She IS overweight... no one said she isn't... That isn't the point, though. If she's working out every day - and staying fit (no matter the extra pounds) then she's fine in my book.
    Unless a person is literally physically morphed by it - and it's running their life and health - then it's fine.
    • Riverock

      It certainly seems like people still try to ram the idea that this is sexy down our throats though. She can be in whatever shape she wants, it being on the cover of SI is the part that just seems condescending and pandering.

    • @Riverock I guess it's a subjective topic...

    • AidaRoma

      @Riverock Funny it seems real to me.

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  • YourFutureEx
    Afraid? I'm not even afraid to say that "Everyone in this world is a hypocrite and some don't even have a limit."

    People lie a lot. They change or get changed their mentality because they are afraid of society. They don't want criticism, not even constructive criticism. They're inferior.
    She is FAT. I DON"T prefer such girls. Never. It doesn't mean I won't care about them (if their personality is good) but if I have to choose girls by looks, I will never pick such girls.
    Sports magazine? Well, I think she was selected for sumo wrestling I guess.

    This is a "curvy" propaganda to please "fat" girls.

    PS: If you're a fat girl reading this, better workout than being jelly. It's for your own good.
    • And yes, very good take. I liked the way you experimented :)

    • Ah young friend, you'd asked a question about why people oppose you when you are being to truthful. Words like 'hypocrite' and then adding up 'some don't even have a limit' only adds insult to injury lol Strong words getting personal :) 'People lie a lot' again getting personal :)

      Fact however, is everyone has their own perception that hopefully my opinion here will illustrate :)

    • @HandsomeRaj (I didn't get notification for that :/ )
      Thanks for the lesson :) I agree. I was experimenting tbh :D But you told me what a lot of people didn't and remained silent

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  • AdamThomas
    Spot on. You're right about the guys, of course many will deny it but we know how guys talk when women aren't around to hear it, none of them are going to choose her over the others you showed. I don't understand why they feel the need to promote overweight "plus sized" models over actual fit women. It's not as if these women are anorexic and starving, they all get where they are by exercising hard and eating healthy. People would rather make excuses not to though.
  • TheMadAsshatter85
    3rd wave feminism and beyond has tossed it's goal of equality in favor of getting advantages where they can get them while not pointing out where they have the stronger hand...- A power grab.

    The underlying problem is missed by most... while meaning well, body positivism treats the symptom while being completely oblivious to the cause.

    Look at how our culture talks about women. Just watch for a while. Notice any patterns? The person could be a world famous astrophysicist... or a high level political figure... or the funniest person on the planet... or she can play Handel's Messiah with nothing but a rubber band and her butt cheeks... yet we still measure the woman primarily on her LOOKS. To the point where, when you're looking for it, it's almost annoying and obsessive, like, wow chill. Look through comments sections... Talking about how ugly the senator for such and such state is. Who cares what she looks like, how good of a senator is she?

    Take this in mind and imagine being someone who doesn't fit the bill of being attractive. Say, she porked on 50 lbs after college... or she's just plain unattractive... We (and they) hold up that measuring stick and guess what, they aren't attractive, so it's essentially having to face the idea that society in general considers you worthless. (imagine your mom or your sister feeling worthless because they aren't attractive and someone in the comments section calls them fat or ugly... I'm no softy granola crunching pussyboy but that kinda breaks my heart a bit.) Note that of course no one will come out and say "I'm sorry you're worthless because you're fat and ugly."... because it's all subtly communicated through validation... of course it's not the truth, but it doesn't hurt any less.

    So when people make an effort to call all women beautiful- I see where they are coming from and arguably I agree to a point- Everyone is beautiful if you look at it in a positive light and they should feel good about themselves... BUT... (of course here's the but) we (collectively) are arguably retarded- We don't see the distinction between being a beautiful person (full of worth and worthy of love and happiness and all that farting rainbow shit) and being attractive. There's no shortage of shitty people out there, and I'm certain I'd wanna put my dick in at least a few of them... all while there are plenty of beautiful people I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. The difference is blurred when trying to spare peoples feelings.
  • Greenfield25
    Yeah because anyone with a BMI of over 13.3 is fat (me being 4'11.6" / 151.4 cm I'd need to be 66 lbs / 30 kg so yeah I'm fat right now because I'm 98 lbs / 44 kg) and anorexia is good (not pro don't report)
    Though I think I'd like to be something like 50 lbs (22.5 kg)
    Because that's the perfect weight for "health"
    I won't die
    My low weight was 66 lbs / 30kg and I wasn't dead (I mean I couldn't even walk up stairs without using my hands, and I couldn't walk without being out of breath, and I ate about 200 calories per day, and that's 2/3 of my ideal healthy (aka fat) weight but you know what nobody gives a fuck because anorexia is glorified and anyone over a BMI of 15 isn't even making an effort to look "good" (see: malnourished. Wait no haha that's perfectly healthy).

    And nearly everyone is fat except Eugenia Cooney and Valerie Levitin

    Healthy is just a synonym with fat

    Ashley Graham is morbidly obese and a fat pig who shouldn't model
    Models should be like this:
    Because that's obviously model material

    But actually though, Ashley Graham has a decent face but it would be good for her to lose some weight.
  • oOsecret_starlandsOo
    Nice trap question lol

    Its true, curvy means a flat stomach with wider than 35" hips, and proportional bust size.

    I literally have friends who let themselves go and say they are curvy, but are the first ones complaining about feeling fat and pudgy.

    Im naturally thin, so I have to eat a weight gain diet, lift daily, and take care of my body to keep my nice figure.

    To just lie and say being overweight is sexy, is really misleading and unfair.
  • kxera
    I don't think anyone is afraid to say it. Some people like a lot of fat and others don't, but I definitely don't think her being overweight means she can't be on a sports magazine. People of all weights work out. Not everyone slims downs so quickly but humans do come in all shapes and sizes so we should have a variety of representations.
  • Minxxie
    I'm a size 0 and even I don't think she's overweight, she has no rolls or anything. Yet we are supposed to worship men with a beer gut and a beard and call him a "hot lumberjack" or a "teddy bear type" and people say "He's not fat he just has a dad-bod".
  • epiper888
    I didn't have the time to read the whole post due to me being in a rush, but I don't think people are afraid to say she's over wieght, some people just have a different though on what's "overweight" and what's not. It's very subjective. Im personally into skinny girls but some will find the girls I like anorexic. To each his own.
    • nymous1234

      to each his own!! exactly!! I swear some people on this site dont get that.

  • Bandit74
    I agree. I think the choice to put her on the cover was more of a political one rather than one based on what guys actually find most attractive. They no fat shaming is a controversial topic nowadays and that using her would create buzz as well as gain brownie points with the body positivity movement. in my opinion Barbara Palvin should have gotten the cover instead of her. She represents more of a healthy balance between skinny and curvy.

    Allison Stokke would have been a nice choice as well.
  • BelleGirl21
    I looooove this take and I love that you did that experiment!
    I totally agree. Healthy is beautiful and while Ashley Graham is pretty she is not something people should aspire to be. Totally my opinion though.
  • cinderelli
    awesome mytake... it's fine if you're bit overweight and you're okay with it.. but it's not fine to show that as an inspiration..
  • thorthorley
    I remember that question and I was like the only one who voted she was fat. I think its wrong to promote unhealthy living and its almost as bad as promoting smoking. Although there is a fine line between what is considered a healthy weight and what isn't.

    People have different body types and for some people it's actually normal that they carry a little more fat than others. However i still think she is at an unhealthy weight. Even if she was within range of a healthy weight it still sends a wrong message to people. With such a high obesity rate its important that we promote healthy eating and exercise habits and a good lifestyle.
  • aoifeislovable
    You did some really good research for this take, and it's so true... favourite take of the day👍🏼
  • SuklaaTryffeli
    Yeah she is overweight, but doesn't mean she is unhealthy. She isn't obese. Woman doesn't need to have muscles, be good at some sport or be fit to be inspirational. If she is confident and happy with herself, that is enough. It is pretty damn hard these days.
    Not to mention, we all have different opinions. You think these girls are sexy. Not all people on earth. This is just one cover for one stupid magazine for men. Why get so butthurt over it?
  • loveslongnails
    I had no idea who she was... I don't find her particularly attractive, except for her face. I'd never tell my daughter "it's ok to be significantly overweight ", blah, blah, blah body acceptance, when she could do something about. But that just wouldn't happen if I had kids. They'd be active and moving, even if they weren't "athletic".
  • Spud19
    Athletic people should do fitness products, not skinny or fat people. Same as guys should do guys clothing and not women's (vice versa). As for Ashley Graham I believe it's now politically correct to refer to her as "curvy" although doctors will treat it as obesity anyways
  • Kuraj
    She is obese, not overweight.
    Kate Upton is overweight.
    Please stop glorifying obesity Murica.
  • Chief16
    So what if she's overweight? she's still hot. See, the reason why people are so gaga over her is that she knows what she is and she doesn't mind flaunting it. It takes some balls do that, you're not gonna put one dent in her image by bitchin' about her. Especially when we don't even know what you look like. So stop hating, OP.
    • Afro-dite9

      Someone see's what I see Lmao👐👏👌

    • She calling her fat doesn't mean that she's denying that Ash is hot.

    • Chief16

      @YourFutureEx Lol. But I can detect the 'I hate Ashley Graham' aura here. The Force stinks with this one.

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  • YoloKitten
    Ashley graham is overweight, and unhealthy. But that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. I agree with you, I don't think overweight people should be on a SPORT magazine, and I don't think an underweight model who doesn't even have muscle should be on it either. People who have muscle should be on there
  • Curiousness23
    i'll be ok if society would stop advertising skinny people who just eat leafs and drink water to look "good" so i see nothing wrong with it and that girl is really gorgeous people are just fuck up to think she dbut if oesn't deserve it if there are anorexic people everywhere that represents beauty then why not fat? average is the best but i don't give a shit about how i should look i just like people who feel good like they are it's not more complicated than that
  • AhGojira
    Blame women... They pushed it in one direction to be anorexic which dudes don't like but it was great for shopping/clothing... Now they are hating on men for what women wanted and are pushing it to the other extreme trying to be PC and are marketing fat women... Men still like what we like... You fashion industry isn't something we really care about.
    • Yet most of the designers are indeed GAY MEN. Give me a break. Why would a gay man want to see a voluptuous woman? Tall slinky ten year old boys with no breasts is what appeals to them and makes their clothing look better.

  • vishna
    Ashley Graham in beautiful. Her face is a 10. Sports Illustrated flaunts half naked women all the time, many who do worse things than Ashley to get their figure.

    While I get you think actual athletes should be on the cover, you should bash the skinny models as well if it's all about athletes getting the recognition and idolizing they deserve.

    And I don't have to be ok with her being on the cover because I'm afraid to say otherwise. I just think it's nice.

  • the_rake
    Thing is she looks different from those angles. I will have never said she looks obese all the same. And she is probably not unhealthy. I would be inclined to say that she is at the edge of becoming unhealthy and that she would not want to put on any MORE weight, perhaps.