Fat people aren't healthy, get over it!

Fat people arent healthy, get over it!

Notice this title is NOOOTTT "fat people are ugly", "fat people should be bullied", or any such hateful nonsense. Fat/overweight/obese/thicc via sedentary lifestyle and overeating people are not healthy. Its a fact of medical science, and it aggravates me when people just ignore this or blatantly contradict this just to make people feel better about their poor eating habits.

Why does it aggravate me? Because i put effort into staying active and objectively healthy, and that results in a body that looks like this.

Fat people arent healthy, get over it!

Not this

Fat people arent healthy, get over it!

In no way does the shape or fat percentage of a persons body make them a good or bad person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and im not saying anything bad about the latter body, except that it is less healthy than the former.

This leads me to the "thiccc" movement and i want to reiterate, i understand that some guys find that sexy. If you're an overweight girl, you're more likely to have big tits and a fat jiggly ass, im glad you have those things and im glad you find attention and acceptance from them. But dont call yourself as healthy as you should be. If you can't run a mile, you are nowhere close to being a healthy human being.

here's the health standardsHealth standards

Its measured in what you can do, and you can't do as much with gobs of extra fat weighing you down. Physics doesn't care if you dont like that, facts be what they are. Speaking of facts, these standards were made by ACTUAL medical proffessionals, not the GaG kind who just say they have such and such degrees, to identify at risk youth and adults who need to lose weight and be more active before they suffer adverse health effects.

The takeaway from all this? Do whatever you want, im not your mother. Its your body and you get to make it look however you want. But while "sexy" and "beautiful" may be subjective, "healthy" is not so stop acting like it is.

Fat people aren't healthy, get over it!
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  • Anonymous
    Not getting fat and remaining skinny is honestly not even that hard. It's as simple as calorie intake and calories burned. In other words, EAT LESS.

    Most of your calories burned are not even through exercise, but through your basal metabolic rate. You burn the majority of your calories just from being alive.

    I used to be sedentary, but I still maintained a low weight. Why? Because I simply ate less calories.

    There's not an excuse for being fat. It's all just a matter of self control and not stuffing your face with calorie dense junk food all the time.
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    • litty

      Sounds simple, but in everyday life most people eat out of convenience and comfort. It's been the hardest thing to convince my father and brother who are addicted to junk. Even to switch someones diet from a 500 calories of burger to 500 calories of vegetables will help them lose weight, but it won't work because it doesn't taste good to them. Unfortunately, people learn through defeat, but even then the reward doesn't seem to outweigh the risk.

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    I really hope one day when you grow up and get a real life with real adult responsibilities that you don't end up eating these words. I would love to see what you look like after spitting out a few kids. It's not at all as easy as you think it is.
    • Plenty of women have half a dozen kids and keep a healthy weight. They're called people who have discipline and care about being around to see their kids and grandkids grow up. Thats a bit more important than eating yourself to death dont you think?

  • Purpleronnie
    You do realise people can find it incredibly difficult to loose weight because of health issue such as auto immune disorders? You make good points in your observations just be mindful that there are people out there that through no fault of they’re own they are over weight
    • Ok, outlier medical conditions aside, im not criticizing anyone who is overweight in any way other than to say its unhealthy. Whatever causes it whether its immune disorder or laziness or depression, not healthy. This take is for the people (mostly girls) who want to say "im just as healthy as you are" as they rip open another bag of cheetos. Calling that out and giving facts. No offense.

    • Then I agree :)

  • PurpleStorm
    What did you prove here? Nothing, you showed us a graph we already knew about. A fat person can go to a doctor, check their heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, everything else, and if they all come back healthy, so what if the person is heavier? If they feel good and the doctors aren't worried you can shut up. Want to be skinny and active? Good for you, if a fat person is healthy you have no right to tell them they should lose weight.
    • Fat people aren't healthy by definition. Just because you aren't having a heart attack right this moment doesn't mean being overweight is "fine and healthy enough"

      If you want to say fat people are ok to be the way they are, fine. Its their life im not saying they have to change, but theyre not healthy, stop changing the definition of healthy to justify obesity.

    • you ARE saying they have to change. and a person doesn't just have a heart attack out of nowhere. like I said, if a ''fat'' person gets regular check ups and their blood work, cholesterol levels and everything else get approved by doctors, you have no right to say they are not healthy. everyone is different. there are tons of skinny people riddled with illnesses, diabetes, blood pressure problems, blood sugar problems, inflammatory problems, so being skinny does not automatically make someone healthier than a fat person. you are not a doctor, you are a fucking teenager grow up first before you tell others how they should live

    • Alright then, show me a fat persons bloodwork thats not full of cholesterol. Show me ONE doctor who says its fine and healthy to be obese. Your only point is a bunch of "IF"s that never actually happen. there's no such thing as someone 50-100 lbs overweight who's cholesterol, blood pressure, and level of fitness wouldn't reflect the Fact that they aren't healthy.

      Per the title, get over it. Stop lying and making "what if" arguments, thats whats really immature😒

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  • cheapshotbob
    being a semi fat person seeing how i am loosing the weight i agree 100% i am down to 240 and still loosing so fat people have no
    being a semi fat person seeing how i am loosing the weight i agree 100% i am down to 240 and still loosing so fat people have no
  • Gedaria
    Say that to a sumo wrestler. Just because they carry more weight than they should, are not healthy. By the same idea thin, very skinny people are the Bloom of health. Eating disorders affect everyone...
    • Find a sumo wrestler and show him this mytake then.

      In fact, show me a sumo wrestler who can still do what they do at 50 years old. Plenty of 50 year olds can run a 5k, ill bet money most sumo wrestlers are in bad shape by 50 from eating 10,000 calories a day and destroying their joints with all the added bodyweight. The human body is very adaptable and you can get away with destroying it for a lot of years but it will catch up with you.

      Its the same with smoking, yeah you can smoke a pack a day for 30 years and on the outside seem ok, but on the inside you're fucked up and objectively every cigarette you smoke is unhealthy. Facts dont care about excuses.

    • Gedaria

      What about being underweight?
      BMI is a nonsense,. When trying to talk about people over weight people...

    • BMI is a standard verified by medical science. And yeah it covers both underweight and overweight people. I adressed overweight people because its by far where most of the distortion and lies and excuses come from. 2/3 of my country is obese not anorexic

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  • ellmcc04
    a lot of people eat loads of fast food, junk etc, don't workout and still remain a healthy BMI. Are they healthy just because of their weight, or what is going on inside? You can't judge a book by its cover, as there are a a lot of thinner people living the same lifestyle, but "getting away with it", because of genetics, or a faster metabolism.
    • Right thats not a good lifestyle for anyone, but especially if its making you gain weight or you dont have a high metabolism. Personally i dont have a high metabolism so i know the struggle. Thats why i am so diet conscious because if i wasn't id be overweight for sure.

  • DorkVader
    Good. Now make a myTake about thin people not being healthy and prove you care more about health standards than fat shaming or stfu
    • I didn't fat shame at all in this.

    • DorkVader

      You only THINK you didn't. The fact you decided to dedicate an entire myTake to telling every fat people aren't healthy is very telling.

    • Are you saying what i said isn't true? Is it healthy to obese? We live in a culture where facts are pick and choose and any fact you dont like is suddenly "offensive" or "problematic"

      Im just setting the record straight in this twisted up world.

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  • englisc
    These kinds of arguments are a waste of time. Unless they have some kind of medical disorder which prevents them from losing weight, fat people are fat because they're lazy. Even if what you're saying is right all they're ever gonna do is make excuses and whinge.
  • lilrevi
    My sisters "friends" say everyday that fat people should not be in this world or fat people are what makes this world die and honestly I'm so sick of it. I wouldn't say I'm skinny neither fat but I do respect everyone for what they look like cuz I don't care. I guess for me I had a lot of people I know that dislike fat people or think all fat people are dirty and don't look after themselves, but one of my close friends were born big and she went from starving herself to wasting money on personal trainers and she still stays the same weight. And my aunt, for example, is the type to loose weight to the point of anorexic yet she still builds weight when she stops dieting of fitness training for a week. I know a lot of people that are fat and I know for a fact that people have there own opinions but I hate it when people comment of what type of body weight people have. It makes them feel so very insecure, how about a fat person reading this was desperately trying to loose weight but couldn't.

    I don't want to argue with anyone because I'm not in the mood but it annoys me so much when people comment on other body weight types. please stop. and understand that I'm not trying to start a fight, I guess I just had bad experience with people who look at others body type
  • ChronicThinker
    I understand what you're saying, but I don't think people who actually understand the difference between weight and health are grasping the bigger picture.

    The point isn't that "fat people are 100 per cent healthy" - it's that you're not a doctor and you don't have the right to determine what someone's current medical state is. For example, being overweight can come with complications of diabetes - but it doesn't mean all fat people have diabetes.

    As well, what some people deem "fat" may not come with the territory of severe health problems. I've known women who were completely normal weights (130-150) who have received this "fat, unhealthy" argument despite them not being medically classified as overweight.

    I just generally think that anyone who is not a personal friend or family member needs to hear your unlicenced medical opinion just the same as I think people who are overweight shouldn't claim being fat plays no part in potential medical impact.
    • They dont have to hear my opinion, the internets a big place they can click on something else.

    • Yeah, they don't have to but you're putting it out there so they can. You can't expect to put something on a platform, receive criticism and then try to backpedal by saying: "Well, even though I am specifically targetting this at YOU... you don't have to acknowledge it."

      That's just stupid.

    • That's kind of like saying: "I don't have responsibility for my opinion and how people react even though I'm targetting them because they don't have to read it." - It's a pretty immature thought process, but, that's your opinion I suppose.

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  • Brindale
    Sounds less like a PSA and more just salt that someone got fit and they didn't get as much attention as they thought
  • CindyRuns
    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one saying this.

    I make the effort to eat right, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • _gigi18
    I agree. I'm not the pinnacle of health because I didn't take care of myself. Even after having kids you can maintain a healthy weight I know plenty of mothers that take care of themselves and stay fit. People just chose to hide behind blaming other problems. I get some have type 1 diabetes and other metabolism issues but it just means you have to work harder to take care of yourself. By being as fit as you can physically be you're taking the strain off hospitals that have to deal with obese people and you lower the risk of heart diseases strokes and other health issues. The NHS would be better off if people tried to keep as fit as possible.
  • Little_ginger88
    I agree. The healthy are any size dogma is a dangerous ideology.
  • Marissa095
    Good take but though an Island in Greece known as Ikaria eat unhealthy foods, drink and smoke yet live to be hundred. I knew health people who died of heart attacks and become diabetic.
  • sluttybecky77
    Did you ever think they have a chemical enbalanse or PCOS. PCOS makes it hard for a woman to lose weight.
  • Browneye57
    We. Don't. Care.
    • Then. Why. Did. You. Bother. Reading. And commenting?

    • Browneye57

      Cuz it comes up in the feed.
      Personally I don't care if you're fat or not. And this whole body-positivity thing is just to make fat people feel better. They're still fat, and we don't care.

    • Bman4907

      Fat women, they get the parades, fat men still get shamed. People comment because they are bored. If nobody was bored, 3/4 of the internet would disappear. Learning to talk to giraffes would not have a million views on youtube. etc

  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake
  • DrOP2226
    Valid points. I agree
  • dthomas89
    Different bodies, are different things
  • DrewCrow
    Health. Haha. 🥂
  • Anonymous
    While we're on the topic, they're also not attractive. We should all get over THAT too.
  • Anonymous
    Not a question...
  • Anonymous
    Fat people truly disgust me. That's not to say they should be bullied. However, they should be made aware being fat is not acceptable and not be lulled into the lala land of body acceptance. When children are overweight and in extreme cases of adult obesity, interventions should be made.