Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!


Deadpool - I am most definitely a fan. No that doesn't mean I can't give some constructive criticism on the topic...

Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!

Warning: there may be some *SPOILERS* ahead!

Deadpool 1, for me, lacked some depth, lacked a well though out plot and more intentional action scenes.

Deadpool 2 has all those things and more!

Action scenes for days riddled with humor - which is exactly what I expected.

Well enough thought out plot - almost nailed it - the connections to X-men and the Juggernaut were essential for this - as well as the introduction of the kid with special powers.

Character list - amazing new actors, the X-force took my breath away! Hilarious concept and very well executed! I loved Domino, Peter and the kid [Russell] as supporting characters for Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!

Ryan Reynolds was, as always, hilarious! He is Deadpool...and that's pretty much the perfect casting.

The whole point of these movies is to break the 4th wall, be meta, be hilarious - all of which the movie accomplished.

Some of the action scenes and the character correlations might have been a bit confusing and excessive, but that might just go into what this kind of a movie stands for.

Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!

Some CGI isn't that great...but honestly I didn't expect the most expensive effects...

Soundtrack is amazing --- really strangely funny picks for different scenes - that weirdly actually work! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

I came for the laughs and got what I expected...and more!
Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!

Deadpool 2 - Better than the first one!
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  • Jaybear0123
    Hell yes best movie ever ! I think i have a new fav super hero now lol
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  • clampfan101
    I’ve actually never seen the series. What’s it like?
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    • *It's a parody in superhero movies... but still manages to keep it serious on the plot scale.

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  • aficionado
    I somehow felt the first Deadpool was better. Maybe I went in to watch the second one with expectations a bit too high. I just didn't enjoy the second as much as the first.
  • Catholicgirl22
    I did enjoy it. I was shocked at what happens to his team lol.
  • monkeynutts
    It was funny, juggernaut took went out in an uncomfortable way.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • cupidkisses
    Thank u for sharing
  • LegateLanius
    I loved it too.
  • pizzalovershouse
    haven't seen 1 or 2 just not interested yet