3 Reasons Why Spiderman Vs Wolverine Would Be An Awesome Movie

1. They're Both Fascinating In Regards Of Their Powers

3 Reasons Why Spiderman Vs Wolverine Would Be An Awesome Movie

Spider-Man's Powers

Spider man has very incredible agility. He's able to move so quick that even the quickest attack is still difficult to hot him with the speed he has. Spider man also knows how to avoid attacks with his agility.. Spiderman has really strong thick web's his website are very strong and durable.. He can do certain kind of web shots too. He can use sling shots to tie up his enemies web splats to distant his enemies and more. He can wall crawl too very quickly. Spiderman can also sense danger to avoid attacks or endure them. Spiderman has some very awesome powers. (:

Wolverine's Powers

Wolverine is known for being one of the if not the most badass super hero ever. And he has some awesome superpowers. His claws are incredibly strong and can rip pretty much anyone to shreds. He is able to heal from anything very quickly and that's why he can go charging into a fight the way he does because it's hard to hurt him and if you do hurt him he heals so quickly it won't even matter. (:

2. Different Motives More Conflict

Spiderman's Motives Conflict

Spiderman usually handles things very rationally. He usually isn't too violent when fighting his enemies he takes them down quick without being overly violent. The only time when he got overly violent was when he was wearing the other costume. He usually thinks things through and when something goes wrong he usually quickly fixes it.

Wolverine's Motives

Wolverine usually charges in into a fight a lot of is he heals incredibly fast. He usually does get too violent eon his enemies even when the enemy is done fighting. He definitely can be overwhelming violent but with how fast he heals from damage you can understand why.

3. Story Lines

Both of them have different kinds of story lines which differ from each other.

Spiderman's Story Line

Spiderman's story line is he has gotten bitten by a radioactive spider and usually fights alone. He has incredible strength because of him getting bitten by that spider. He kind of prefers to fight alone when he can but doesn't mind it when gives him a hand.

Wolverine's Story Line

Wolverine has the X-Men and they usually fight along with him when they can. But many times he likes to fight alone. And takes the violent course when someone gets in his way. He definitely loves fighting and his violent ways are usually his first course of action.

I think this could be a very good movie. I'm not saying it can't fail but it definitely could be entertaining considering both of them fight differently and act differently than each other but I think they could get along. Both of them don't mind when someone or more fights along with them its just that they would rather fight alone a lot because they can get used to it that way. I hope maybe they can make this movie I'll definitely watch it.


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  • Even if a versus movie for Spiderman and Wolverine were made, I think it would just end up like many of those "versus" movies coming out of Hollywood, with no clear winners, all made to make more money from sequels, merchandise, etc. I prefer clear winners in a versus movie for once. Even the storylines and dialogue are inferior to their original standalone films that were released prior.

    If they make another "versus" movie between comic book characters, then just don't make it canon to the original storylines and of their original standalone movies, then they can have the excuse of have one person being the clear winner and the other either killed or badly wounded, if they really want to add sequels and create a second Round Re-Match of the same fight.

    Even Captain America: Civil War didn't exactly have clear winners, although Captain America did win over Iron Man, and the same goes for their opposing sides when the Avengers fought against each other picking whomever to follow.

    At least the closest thing I'll ever get for clear winners is from DEATH BATTLE! match ups from ScrewAttack!

    • Would you like it if their is a clear winner? (:

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    • Very cool (:

    • @Red88xxx I don't want to spoil who won, so watch it and enjoy, you may have to fast forward the videos to the fights since they go over the characters, backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, weapons, armors, skills, etc., before the fight is shown.

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  • Hypothetically speaking, it would be a good movie, but I don't see why would the two of them try to kill each other, how would they ever get into conflict?

    • Actually funny thing is I remember the 90s Spiderman Cartoon show and remember them fighting a little it was entertaining and as said before their differences might make them fight :p

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    • As I said before handling enemies in the ways they do and getting angry of the way they handle situations

    • Angry? Sure, a little bit, but not as much as Hulk ;)

  • Yeah that would be quite an interesting battle since they are about even in powers but I think Spider-Man would have a slight edge over him

  • Spider Man and Wolverine have fought before, not on the big screen but in the comics and on at least 2 occasions in the animated shows.

    Spidey wins everytime.

    • Yeah I remember in the show they fought and yeah Spiderman won but you never know what could happen in the movie (:

  • Wolverine would be able to slash those webs.. would be an epic battle