How many of have heard of the Pranksters in Love on YouTube?

How many of have heard of the Pranksters in Love on YouTube?Here they are. John Dahl and Nikki Baker with their daughter, Iris Dahl.

They are a prank couple and they're absolutely hilarious!!! I watch their vlogs and pranks everyday when I need to laugh!!!

Pranksters in love

Those are their channels. You can subscribe for free and laugh your heads off!


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  • Awwwww they have a daughter now? Yes I have heard of them they make me laugh.

    • That's Iris. They had her in October of 2014! She's such a cutie. Check out the prank John pulled on Nikki after they had her.

    • Hahaha my sister had to stop my brother in law from shaving my nieces hair because he wanted her to stay a baby forever.

    • That was so funny! John was trying not to laugh over the phone because it would've made Nikki more mad!

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