Why was Madonna considered hot in the 80s and 90s?

I saw her nude photoshoot for Playboy in 1985, and she was HOT, when she was nude... but not so much when she was wearing clothing. And of course she was usually wearing clothing. So I was wondering why she was considered hot? I wasn't alive at the time so I don't know how she was represented in media at the time.
  • She was openly sexual... saying/doing sexual things
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  • She was usually advertised as wearing sexy clothing (or lack thereof)
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  • Her hot body
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  • She danced/sang sexually
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  • More than one of the above
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  • Other... OR I don't know... OR I wasn't alive at the time
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  • She wasn't considered hot
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I never thought she was hot... I only liked 1 of her songs where there's like a guy with a bull, .. I think it said 'mmm got a secret' haha or something like that...

    I think the ONLY reason people might have made her a connection with sexy or hot or whatever, is because of her hair... as if she's trying to resemble Marilyn Monroe, but no contest or resemblance whatsoever even when she bleached and cut her hair and put on a dress just like hers... just no. but I can see why people would make a connection... the attempt to portray her is there.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The 'tude. Try buying a copy of her book "Sex" and see how much it costs.


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  • I was born in 1983. Madonna was always around in media and shit growing up. And I NEVER thought she was hot. I have no idea why anyone would think she was Madonna was always nasty as far as I was concerned.

    • Did people around you seem to think she was hot?

    • some did. i never got why, and never cared enough to ask.

  • you would have had to be a guy growing up in the 80s to understand...

    • Can you try to explain? Lol

  • I think she was hot.

  • They had different standards

  • being famous makes average people appear super hot


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