Is father figure by George Michael the most pedophilic/sugar daddy song of all time?


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  • It's weird. Especially "sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime"


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  • The lyrics are deliberately vague. George writes really sophisticated lyrics a lot of the time, and they operate on a lot of levels, but the heart of the meaning of the song is almost certainly a veiled reference to a daddy/twink relationship.

    • It's such a shame lol because he has such a good voice

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    • Isn't that the point? You said it was a shame and dismissed the song instead of being curious about why he wrote a song about being gay.

    • I knew he was gay. I'm not sure why that matters

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  • honestly the lyrics make me just want to laugh

    • Yea it's funny but some of the lyrics written on the video are wrong

    • Yeah i noticed that too.. lol i still think its a good pickmeup song though 🙃👌lol

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