How do I fast travel in Pokemon Gold?

I'm tired of having to wade through all these wild ratticades!
whelp, my save got corrupted. :-(


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  • Probably by using the skill Fly which you get after beating the 5th gym.

    • While we're here, can you tell me what the heck the speed stat would effect in a turn-based game?

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    • drat. Well, I've got my ditto and my quilava together in daycare. How long do I need to wait for them to pop out an egg?

    • Not sure, in alpha sapphire you just ride your bike around for 1 or 2 circles and then the kid says they have an egg for you.

  • Fly like Mustachekitteh suggested is by far the most versatile option.

    You can also use Teleport outdoors and outside of battle to return to the last Pokemon Center you visited. Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam and Natu/Xatu are the natural Teleporters in Silver and Gold. Using Dig in caves outside of battle warps you back to the where you entered the cave.


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