Anyone excited for No Game No Life Season 2?

Can you believe that No Game No Life was originally released in 2014?
A second season of No Game No Life is very high due to how much material they have to work with.

So here is what I dug up on season release.
There is no definitive release date yet, the makers have yet to decide a release time.


There are currently 10 light novels that have been published
Season 1 was based on Volume 1-3
The movie was based on Volume 4

So... This means that No Game No Life has 6 volumes of material to turn into an Anime.

I reckon the factors that is stalling the release is as follows:

No Game No Life makers likely don't want to be on a budget where they can only release one episode and that's it till they have enough for episode 2, they want enough money to make a whole season, 12 episodes again I would say.
There is info saying that making 13 episodes cost ROUGHLY $2-$2.5 Million to make.

If you also factor in the prices of advertising the new season, that adds up more to the price based on how much you have to advertise to get attention.
Money money money!
Money money money!
Legality of content use
in a lot of the episodes, the characters and scenes showed products that are of companies, that would require legal permissions of use, because of this I assume that No Game No Life needs to keep paying the visible companies that show the logos in order to keep the Anime related to the last season.

I reckon that the No Game No Life producers are doing what any smart company would do, they are saving up money till they can deliver an amount of episodes that will get them that amount of money back, otherwise it would be a bad move to spend a huge amount of money on small amounts of episodes and get little interest from the viewers.

Soooo, Season 2 will be happening because the material is there, the timing is based on their income, laws of good practice and likely also staffing, consider our current situation.

I'm not including NGNL: Zero as that's a different series.
Very excited bro! I need to know what happens after that cliffhanger at episode 12
I am excited to know what will happen, but the waiting time feels like forever
Don't really mind, the first season was fun but i'm not hugely passionate for the next season
I never watched No Game No Life
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Anyone excited for No Game No Life Season 2?
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