Will Parks and Recreation get better?


So i finished Saved By the Bell and The Office last year and finished it. The first season went overboard. Season 2-7 were amazing. Season 8/9 were kinda bland. I’d rate the show like 7/10. It was good but nothing I care to watch fully a second time, but definitely a couple of episodes here and there. Now I’m trying to start Parks and Recreation and 3Rd Rock from the Sun since Scrubs lost me a few eps in. I’m now on episode 4 of P&R and still waiting to laugh. The gifs to this show trip me out but so far the show doesn’t. I’m trying to watch as I work but its putting me to sleep so I keep watching My Wife & Kids, Family Matters and Wayans Bros in between to wake myself back up lol. #FeelFreeToList

Will Parks and Recreation get better?
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I’ve been out sick but I’m good now. Anyways, I caught up on season 2 while out. This show def stepped up. Initially I thought Amy would be the funniest, Aziz would be the corniest, Rashida would be the dullest, and Chris Pratt would just be sarcastic. But surprisingly, Aziz is the funniest on here despite his standup that used to make me cringe. Amy kinda tries too hard so she’s not funny yet. Rashida is still dull and was a bit more entertaining in the Office. Chris is actually ok so far
Will Parks and Recreation get better?
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