Is a sister who loves you allowed to be a friend no matter what?

A couple of years ago i broke both ankles surfing, my sister is my twin, she felt something in left leg. So, she called the emergency room to see if I was hurt. Sometimes we feel each others fear or pain. Anyway my Mom works so she couldnt take care of me, so my twin sister did everything, even washed my entire body with soap and warm water every am. A friend at school was shocked that my sister who came into this world 6 minutes after me, was seeing me naked and she washed my body. I thought he was crazy. Weve always taken good care of each other. My quesrion is, am I correct in assuming we were doing a very nice and kind thing , or rather she was. Or were we commiting a sin seeing , or letting her see me naked? I doubt she was lusting on me, or washing my body cause I couldnt even sit up just to see my balls. she's my blood, we love each other like what we are brother and sister! Do you think we were wrong, ? Or was he wishing he could do it himself?
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I was harmless, isn't it silly to believe my sis and I do ont know what we look like? Were apart of each other, were twinss. No were not ever intimate, couldnt ever be, won't even think of her like that, couldnt. she's beautiful to me, no 2 people alive are. Closer, but in any way but bro and sister.
Is a sister who loves you allowed to be a friend no matter what?
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