My best friend's girlfriend hates me, advice?

My best friend's fiance really dislikes me.

Has anyone ever been in this situation before?

Essentially my best friend's girlfriend has a lot of 'issues' peterning to my relationship with him. She thinks I'm out to steal him from her. She's very protective of him, and hates the idea of him having any female friends, let alone a female best friend. It's caused problems before - to the extent where they broke up. I mean, I and other girls weren't the only factor in this, but I know it played a big part.

They have a long distance relationship, which I'm sure does nothing to help her hostility towards me, as he sees me far more often than her. I'm not going to pretend to be her biggest fan - I don't like her, but I suppose that's because I'm loyal to him, and she puts him through a lot of sh*t - but he wants to be with her and I respect that.

Problem is, I've only spoken to her on two occasions, and both times she was really hostile towards me, calling me a whore, saying he was a one woman man and I needed to stay away.

Is there any way I can build bridges with her? I have no interest in my best friend as anything other than that, and he has no interest in me. Never has - and she's the first woman he's ever been with sexually, or in terms of a serious relationship. So I'm really struggling to see where this insecurity comes from, and how best to 'fix' it. I know this is causing problems for him - and honestly I don't know what I can do - if anything. I've never engaged in her insults or played up to them, just ignored them; but I'm at a loss as how to reassure her that nothings happening.

I thought after they got back together things were resolved - but apparently not.
My best friend's girlfriend hates me, advice?
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