The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather


"Bench players talkin' like starters, I hate it
Started from the bottom, now we here, n*gga, we made it
Yeah, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smelling like a brick
Degenerates, but even Ellen love our shit" - Drake, Tuscan Leather

This second take in this series is going to be a review of the edgy, sexy, and suave Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.

The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather


The notes are listed from top notes to base notes in order:

Night blooming jasmine,
Black suede,

In many ways, it is better just to get your nose on this scent rather than paying attention to the notes, but the raspberry, thyme, jasmine, and black suede are all easy to pick up.


Tuscan Leather comes in three main sizes:

50ml (1.7oz) ~$230USD

100ml (3.4oz) ~$312USD

250ml (8.5oz) ~$595USD

As you can see, the prices are identical to Tobacco Vanille (see Part 1 of this series), found on Tom Ford's website. Similarly, grey market sites may sell it for higher than retail, so watch out.

As with Tobacco Vanille, this fragrance is a part of the Tom Ford Private Blend line. It was launched in 2007, and the designer of this fragrance is Harry Fremont.

Not much to be said about the presentation that wasn't already said about Tobacco Vanille in Part 1. It is essentially the same exact bottle. The 50ml bottle is shown in the image above. This fragrance only comes in an Eau De Parfum concentration.

According to Tom Ford:

"PRIVATE BLEND is my own scent laboratory: it's where I have the ability to create very special, original fragrances that are unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making. PRIVATE BLEND is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind."


Whew boy, this one is like if you bottled up Steve McQueen in a leather bomber riding a motorcycle through the countryside, reminiscent of his role in the classic film "Great Escape". It is a gentleman who is unapologetically rough around the edges, that has that devil-may-care attitude, that knowing smile, that effortless swagger that tends to draw everyone's attention even though he isn't really trying. The very epitome of "cool".

The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather

This guy opens up with a heavy hit of petrol. It isn't as synthetic as Dior Fahrenheit; it is more of a smooth rather than a sharp hit of gasoline. Some claim this smells like cocaine, which was referenced in the Drake lyric above. Others have pointed out that it actually smells like ether, which is a solvent used in the manufacturing process of cocaine. I have not smelled cocaine, so I can't vouch for it, but it could be what gives it this fragrance its animalistic and magnetic quality.

As it dries down, a dark berry note reveals itself, like the tough guy really has a heart of gold underneath all that grit. The spices and the florals really round this one out. It is a very pleasant surprise. It really gives it character. What could have been a very linear experience, ends up developing into something much deeper. The thyme brings the entire composition down to earth, but the saffron and jasmine, which I only get slight hints of, gives the impression of luxuriousness.

Of course, as that petrol note starts to fade a bit more, you get the star of the show, the leather note. As other reviewers have commented, this is one of the most natural and authentic leather notes you will get in a fragrance. It smells like an oil stained leather jacket at first, but then you really get that pure cowhide leather when the amberwood introduces itself and mellows everything down.

The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather

This is supposed to be unisex! I suppose I could see a bad ass woman wearing this one, but it would take some major lady balls to pull it off. The dry down does mellow out quite a bit and it becomes a skin scent after just a few hours, so perhaps I am underestimating the versatility of this one.

As for the season, this is a colder weather fragrance. There is nothing "refreshing" about it; it is raw and uncut. Only mature men (and special women) need apply. I'd say men over 30, who have a great sense of casual style or a 30+ woman who is aggressive and isn't afraid to take what she wants.

Situationally, I can picture wearing this mostly for casual moments, 3rd or 4th dates, or dressed up non-formal events. This isn't something you'd probably wear to work, especially for the price, but then again, I think this would be perfect for casual Fridays! This doesn't project enough to use a club scent either.

Use this with caution though; this scent could be seen as offensive to certain people's noses even though it is a huge compliment getter and what some reviewers claim to be a "panty dropper".

The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather


Great longevity on this one. It can last up to 12+ hours, however, it only projects for about 2 of those hours before settling into a very close to the skin scent. The projection though comes and goes in waves, and this smells much better when taken in from a distance (at least within the first 2 hours). The sillage, or how long it lingers and leaves a "scent trail", is good too.



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This a strong beast of a fragrance -- masculine, sexy, dirty, and assertive. This isn't an everyday scent. This is what to wear when you feel like being bold, but if you feel like you are bold enough to pull it off as part of a regular rotation, go for it! I just can't picture this being a signature scent, it is far too niche for that.

The dry down is so much better than the opening. The tar and motor oil isn't for everyone, but as with most fragrances, the top notes aren't where the magic happens. Be patient with this one and proceed with caution -- it is a bad boy.

I give this one an 8/10. It is a masterpiece, but just not all that versatile and not a universal people pleaser. I tend to like sweet/spicy colognes rather than musky and animalistic scents, but this does have its uses and is notorious for being a hit with the ladies.

The Tom Ford Trio for Men, Part 2 - Tuscan Leather
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