The Allure of Men in Dresses


Who can resist a man in a dress?

I'm not talking about drag queens or transvestites, just cute guys subverting rules and daring us to object. There's a certain swagger to a man in a dress, especially in the case of Atlanta rapper Young Thug.
Young Thug already had a penchant for vintage thrift shop dresses when he saw a piece that rocked his world, by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone, and chose it for the cover of his latest album, “Jeffery.”

Thug had already stated his disregard for gender. Years ago, David Bowie reflected the same mindset by walking out in a floaty blouse to push his baby son in his pram. Girlish and manly at the same time, Bowie made it look easy.
Personally, I'm a bit of a tomboy, so I feel a little awkward wearing a dress. Maybe I'm stuck in a rut, but I feel most like me wearing jeans and lace-up shoes. My femininity speaks for itself, I figure. The more masculine my clothes are, in fact, the more feminine I feel.
Women have been wearing trousers ever since Katharine Hepburn led the way in the early 1930's. It doesn't feel fair that men can't adopt female style elements without causing a big fuss or putting their masculinity on the line.
When I see a man in a dress, I am inevitably delighted. Partly, I take a perverse pleasure in seeing a man in a confining garment. It's a little spiteful, yes, but that's how I role. And in any case, the real thrill is the naughtiness: the dress tells me that this guy doesn't give a fuck what you think. He's a rebel. He's his own man, however girly. Then, I want to imagine him taking off the dress. It reminds me of that line in "Allison" by Elvis Costello. You know the one. I want him to feel vulnerable but predatory, like I feel. Is that so much to ask?

A man wearing a dress has to own it, but the same can be said for anyone wearing anything, right? What I mean is, Kanye in a kilt is just a pose. Same with Jaden Smith. I can't take them seriously. They'll sear a skirt but not a dress. Mere child's play.
A hairy, bearded man can look beautiful in a dress. The delicacy of the dress can underscore his virile sexuality. A pretty feminine man in a dress is aesthetically pleasing, like a young girl at a communion ceremony. It makes me feel maternal. As soon as that passes, it makes me feel amorous. It's like the feeling I get when I see a young man with very long hair. I'll stroke his and he can stroke mine.

The Allure of Men in Dresses

How long will it take before men can wear dresses without having to explain their feelings about gender and societal norms? Is misogyny so entrenched that anything connoting femaleness is threatening to men?

In America, the answer to that last question is clearly yes; any observer of our presidential election will have observed how deeply woman are feared and loathed.
The UK has always been more accepting of eccentricity and likewise androgyny.
Vivienne Westwood has just produced a unisex collection for fall, combining her Man men’s wear line and her Red Label women’s wear collection, noting:
We’re very keen on unisex. It sounds like a joke, but in fact it’s all about styling. Swapping clothes with your partner means you can spend less. For at least 100 years women have been wearing trousers but now like the Arabs, men are wearing dresses.
The unisex element will have to be pretty strong to stand up to the provocation of Thug's muse, Alessandro Trincone. But Viv knows what she's doing. In one show a few years ago, she had hunky men on her runway wearing leather shorts with fishnet tights. It was funny, sexy, and downright adorable.

Years ago, there was a guy I used to see at the supermarket who wore the most beautiful dresses and accessories, along with a full beard. He was such a striking figure, at least 6' 4" tall and often wearing enormous Chanel sunglasses. He totally fucking brought it, every single time! I finally gathered the nerve to talk to him one day, and told him how much I admired his style. His face lit up and he thanked me, woman to woman or man to tomboy or let's just say one bad-ass to a bad-ass in training.

The Allure of Men in Dresses
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  • FunkyMonkee
    I'm nearly 7' tall with hair more than halfway down my back and I wore a mini skirt on stage for 20 years. I started wearing them in `86. Along with the skirt, I also wore a spandex leotard and silky pantyhose, sometimes even black fishnets. Sometimes I'd even wear a bra with huge fake tits. Legs: shaved. Gay: no. Transvestite: no. I just see no reason why girls can wear pants but men can't wear skirts, etc., and, for me, it was just the most logical and functional thing for me to wear to play drums the way I do. My fans not only loved it, they demanded it!! After the gig, I kept the skirt on on the long ride or 5-mile walk home. For out-of-town gigs, on the way home, we'd stop off someplace to eat, me, still in the skirt and pantyhose. (Leo, too, it held up the pantyhose, but I'd put a t-shirt on over it.) Sometimes male fans would show up in skirts!!
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    • What type of shows. I would like to hear more about your experience on stage. If you don't mind. Please privite message me.

    • Rock shows. Your page won't let me PM you.

    • I wonder why. I'll look into that

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  • selfdestruction
    I don’t disagree. Once upon a time women were looked at this same way for wearing pants.
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    • I read a ton of stuff on it. I think i read somewhere it took 30 or more years before it was even fully accepted.

    • I look at it Like this. My sons school has a dress code.

      Girls get 27 different types of clothes to wear.

      Boys have 12. This is fair?

    • No but thats the school system. Plus I'm not talking about school age children either. I'm talking about grown adults. Thats a big difference of the two groups

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Most Helpful Girls

  • DollySummers
    It’s your kink. Im glad that you feel free to admit at loud about it. Unfortunately most are to embarrassed of what they should embrace. Everyone has kinks.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Well, if viewing men in dresses floats your boat, don't let anyone stop you from whatever pleases you.
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  • englisc
    "My femininity speaks for itself, I figure. The more masculine my clothes are, in fact, the more feminine I feel."

    That makes no sense. Feeling something doesn't mean that it's real. The more masculine you are the more feminine you feel? That doesn't mean that you're actually more feminine. The more masculine you are the more masculine you are. The more feminine you are the more feminine you are. It's that simple, but liberals seem to want to turn everything on it's head. That's really the strange obsession that they have, anything that isn't normal is automatically good. For no other reason that that it's not normal.

    "How long will it take before men can wear dresses without having to explain their feelings about gender and societal norms? Is misogyny so entrenched that anything connoting femaleness is threatening to men?

    In America, the answer to that last question is clearly yes; any observer of our presidential election will have observed how deeply woman are feared and loathed."

    It has nothing to do with misogyny. The only way you come to that conclusion is by playing mental gymnastics and linking absolutely everything with misogyny.

    If a woman is especially masculine, if she challenges gender norms by shaving her head and dressing in typically male clothing, she's gonna be mocked just like a man in a dress. Using the logic that men being mocked for being overly feminine things equals misogyny, then women being mocked for being overly masculine equals misandry. But no doubt you'll still hypocritically say that this has to do with misogyny.

    Trump being voted in also has nothing to do with misogyny. A large number of women also voted for Trump. More women vote than men do.

    "The UK has always been more accepting of eccentricity and likewise androgyny."

    It hasn't. It's no different here to the US. You have certain groups of people who are accepting of it, and a larger majority who think it's ridiculous. Many people will avoid voicing their true feelings on the matter publicly to avoid any backlash, but in private they speak their minds. I don't know anybody who thinks that any of this is good, they all think it's silly.
    • Plumizz

      Women think with their emotions not with their brains. Men don't feel comfortable with such clothing and also most women reject the idea of emotional men and men who's more feminine than them but her feelings is telling her that its misogeny and its unfair or some shit. She's speaking but she's not thinking about it :/ (Not attacking women, they're very smart but yeah you get people like this sometimes)

  • Creepazoid
    You guys are fucking sick im ashamed of millennials and gen z.
    • Move to Saudi Arabia lol

    • Party pooper

    • Angela_S

      Although through history, men have always worn garments that resemble skirts/dresses/togas/kilts etc. It's only in relative recent times that men have solely wore trousers, so I find the "millennial" and "generation z" reference quite ironic.

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  • Moonchild714
    Uh No!! I can understand Transgender and accept. Have several Transgender friends. Drags Queens it's for Entertainment.

    But I can, have, and will always Resist a male wearing a dress or any female clothing Bra undewear... And your statememt Manly Girlish kind of way doesn't even exist. Nobody sees David Bowie as Manly never did never will. I'm a person with a very open mind to each there own but to say "Who can resist a man in a dress?" Come on do you really think that many people are going to agree. People accept this stuff with Celebrities because they are eccentric aka nuts or on drugs or doing it for promo just as a prop. Those who love David Bowie majority would look at an individual in general society and think WTF!!! Madonna, used all kinds of gimmicks over the years to keep her career going people loved it guess what she does let her kids watch TV or listen to Modern Music. What celebrities do and say in public doesn't always match them in private. If I see a man in a dress I think he's probably Transgender or questioning his gender and trying to see how it feels. But that would be a definite Deal Breaker for me.
    • Angela_S

      that's because society still stereotypes men by how they dress, and it seems to condition people into thinking that if a man doesn't dress a certain way then there's some kind of reason for it. Strangely, it doesn't work the other way around. If a woman wears a smart trouser suit, nobody at all questions her sexual orientation, and in fact if she dresses "too feminine" then she's often a bimbo, airhead, or slut. The thinking around the the whole thing is really out-dated and pathetic.

    • AndreaTV

      @Angela_S Well said.

  • CarpetDenim
    Feminine qualities in men are not attractive to me at all. I don’t like men with hair extending past their shoulders, I don’t like men who shave their bodies, I don’t like men who wear dresses or skirts or tight clothing, and I will never understand the “allure” of men who prefer to look feminine. They’re free to wear what they want and do what they want with their bodies, and other women are free to fetishize that, but I for one will never be attracted to them.
  • hahahmm
    Today’s women are too lazy to dress classy but they admire men who dress like classy women. Lmao. And 90% of those guys are gayer than Elton John. Women always know how to create drama & chaos so I officially recognize dudes in dresses as women
    • LOL!

    • Love your profile pic, Dude! I almost picked that one myself!

    • Truth. Its disgusting how backwards thinking some people can be.

  • Quite an interesting and informative perspective. Although I have worn a dress for Halloween and for a skit in high school, neither really fit the scenario you describe. I’m not a fan of clothing pulling on me between the legs, and I’ve wondered if a skirt or dress would be more comfortable. Clothing, such as togas, were the norm for some. I wonder how I’d react if a female friend brought up the idea and suggested we explore such a thing? I don’t think I’d say no...
  • updog45
    As a man I would be highly embarrassed to wear a dress, but I would never be opposed to it. Clothes are just clothes, they dont really matter. If my girlfriend wanted me to wear one I probably would. I wear thongs sometimes because she likes them, which I think is kinda cool. kinda feels like you're breaking out in a small way.
    Not once hv I got up in the morning & thought "I should wear a GAY ASS DRESS" & if u do then there are a lot more BIG underlying issues with said person.
  • Cask23
    There are only three things that are considered more feminine that I'd wear.

    1) Kilt. I've never worn one but on hot frickin days a skirt seems like it would be very comfortable.

    2) Leggings. My wife went to a LuLaRoe party and heard from some other wives that their guys wear a pair for lounging and relaxing. Their cheap so I told her to buy me a black pair. I wear them lounging and damn they are comfortable.

    3) Mens underwear briefs, bikini, cheeky, and thongs in soft silky materials like nylon, microfiber, rayon, etc. Feel so good to wear, feels like wearing nothing.

    But full dresses, ah... No.
    • Hey thats fair. Nothing wrong with that

    • Wow... convenient that it's ok to wear women's yoga pants and that just so happens to be the one thing you wear... so what makes them acceptable and not a skirt or something? Both were designed and tailored for women...

  • Xavier1954
    In a lot of the Asian cultures and cou tries you see men wearing what appears to be a dress when in actual fact it is just a wrap around from the waist to ankles and it is very comfortable, I wear them when I am there. I dont know if they go commando, but I do and it feels great. Im 6ft 2 and see nothing wrong with it.
  • Dongtai
    The only way I’d wear a dress or something like that would be help my daughter with stage fright during a dance recital or son (if he’s into that). Not for fashion though. Not my thing
  • ImagineSketchy
    I don't see it... This is truly outside of what I deem to be odd and is just not what I would accept.
  • Holy_Ghost_Fire
    I can't see how women would like that but I do have the idea that women in formal places can wear dresses without shame showing more than half of their legs. I think men should be able to wear knee length shorts at formal places if women can wear skirts to the knees.

    Whatever women can show off, men should be able to too without ridicule.
    • I can agree to that

    • Men can do it except when forced to in court. Some courts won't even let men wear kilts. They are too bossy in what people wear.

    • I will agree to that to. You bring up some good points

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  • Xwtxx
    I done this once as a joke. The dress is not a big deal. It is the brassiere that my girlfriend gave me to wear that was confining and a pain.
  • MajesticTwelve
    I can very easily resists this "allure"
    I just replace it with confusion, lack of respect for that person, and slight nausea.
  • humanearth
    Who knows it might happen sooner than you think.
  • VaIiant
    If I see a man in a dress I'm not "allured". I'm turned off.
  • FrenchyRomain
    there is nothing less masculine than a man wearing women's clothes... I personally know women who find this unappealing to say the least
  • BlackMex
    I will never be attracted to guys in dresses but I do think that some day dresses will be normalized 👗
  • Guardian45
    I can respect your viewpoint, but don't understand or agree with you.

    I do find that men's fashion is much more (too?) restrictive than women's fashion.

    If I wanted to, I could rock a kilt (my family does have a tartan!). I have a beard, and am vetting great tattoo artists.

    Ask anyone who knows me and they will agree that I am a rebel. For better or for worse, I have opposed and still oppose authority, which got me noticed by both the press and the legal system. I am not a criminal, but there are those who would like to shut me up and see me jailed, but so far, I have managed to elude them.

    If I wanted to, I could wear a dress. If I thought it would 'improve' me, then I would.

    I dont need 'bad-ass training'. I already am a REAL man and I just don't see any reason to or have the slightest interest in wearing a dress to prove it.
    • As I said it is not a dress it is part of their traditional garb, I just dont wear the rest of it.

    • @Xavier1954. I think your comment is misplaced.

  • sheepdip
    If you've got the body for it, I guess go for it.

    Not my thing though.
  • bigcuband
    There is no allure there, your misinformed
    • How am i misinformed. It what I like and its my take and my opinion.

    • bigcuband

      Your statement the allure of men in dresses means stated it broadly but not everyone agrees with you,

  • NorthwestRider
    Are you really a right winger lol
    • Sure and i be your best man or woman at your wedding to.

      Why is me liking men in girly things make automatically make me a leftist?

      I know I know I'm being stereotyped right.

      "Am i on candid camera?" as my friends dad always says

    • Because right wingers want men to be men and women to be men because of some stupid book lol

    • Well I burn that fucking book. Fuck the normals. It's the time for the misfits to run the shit.

      Well that sounded good in my head.

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  • The_Dean
    Why did I read this?
  • yulia02
    I don't understand this...😕
  • mermaidia_lol
    I can resist a man in a dress.
  • Nadim171
    Skirts on men are fine. But dresses? Hell no.
    • What's the difference? I find both weird personally

    • Nadim171

      Skirts were originally designed for men.

    • Today, at least in American and Canadian culture, they're largely seen as distinctively feminine though

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  • Games_
    I think men in dresses look weird
  • Swat_
    To each their own. ^
  • OfDeath
    What the shit?
  • Sissymia
    Hot if it's a miniskirt
  • Anonymous
    No, thanks
  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous
    • Sorry dear but its all a bunch a square boxes

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    Lmao you act like women wouldn't be lauging at men for doing this.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this mytake! I am in a similar situation where I am very masculine and love women but am planning on having my penis removed. I’ve been judged poorly for wanting a smooth crotch like the ladies have but it in no way makes me less of a man. Thumbs up to open minded people like you!!!
    • Hahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Why is this funny?

  • Anonymous
    I don’t really like the style of a dress. Too impractical.
    • Anonymous

      But you do you.

  • Anonymous
    I'm a good looking guy, wonna put me in a dress and do me with a strapon? I can travel anywhere a plane goes
    • Haha a nice boy like you with dirty thoughts. How nice.

      Let's just say I'm talking a break from dating okay and leave it at that

    • Anonymous

      Lol algood

    • I've been there and done that. so hot