7 Reasons Why Girls Have Short Hair

Hello there! I'm Stela. I was reading a question earlier today that had to do with hair, where I noticed that most guys said they preferred girls with long hair. Now, that, was NOT a problem. The problem was on the comments where some men where making negative comments on short hair on women.

So here I come to list for you...

7 reasons why we prefer short or shoulder length hair

1) Long hair looks amazing, BUT it gets tangled super easily, especially if you have thin hair.

2) You spend too much money on conditioner and shampoo since washing it takes a lot of product.

3) Brushing, drying and styling it takes FOREVER.

4) It gets really hot during summer, and throwing it in a ponytail isn't as easy as it may seem.

5) You don't know where to put your hair when you wanna sleep. Some braid their hair before they sleep, but that isn't always a good idea since it damages the hair.

6) Trying to get all of this hair out of your clothes when getting dressed is SO annoying.

7) Most beanies- if not all of them- will slip off right away, unless you braid it.

We all love the way they look, but many of us are not willing to waste this much time of our life on a bunch of hairs.

7 Reasons Why Girls Have Short Hair
7 Reasons Why Girls Have Short Hair
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Most Helpful Girls

  • R0ck5taRap
    I'm going get my hair cut soon for the new year. I've always had long hair and I'm used to it.. with long hair u can curl it, put it in buns and ponytails and do a lot with it so I'm going to somewhat miss it for sure. I'm going to try a shoulder length hairstyle for the first time. I have an oval shaped face and have been told that I look younger than I really am, I think once I get my hair cut i'll look my age and a lot more professional. I like how it looks and I think it will look good, I'm sure a guy somewhere out there will like it too
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  • CubsterShura
    And this is the reason why no matter how many times I try to grow my hair out I end up chopping it to shoulder length 😂 I'm recently trying to grow it out again and I'm already tired of it. Long hair is only good for the aesthetics, it has no other practical use.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Browneye57
    No one cares why you like short hair. A woman's long hair is her sensuality. If you cut it off it's like cutting off your tits. It's all tied into your femininity.
    The more a woman tries to be like a man the less desirable she is to them.
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    • that's bullshit. Men used to have long hair too. then they cutt it off and kept it that way. Their dick is still there. SOme of them have two. one for the known reasons and one for a brain...

    • bitch please. I'm a woman, i get it better than you ever will. You are full of shit and too old..

    • Djaay

      EllieBlackfield... there's only one reason a woman cuts her hair like a guy , because she's emulating men to as a guy is. The devil mocks GOD , and women mock men... Both are of the devil. To take a stance like a man that your not , is an abomination of creation.
      Toxic femininity is you , you and your dirty want to be masculine little mouth of evil is nothing to society except trash.
      I have mirades of wisdom from being on earth a lot longer than your smart arrogant ass ever will have.
      But stupid is what stupid does

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  • Anonymous
    I don't think anyone would argue that short hair isn't easier and more comfortable. For guys, being bald is definitely easier and ore comfortable, but let's face it, most guys don't look good bald.
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    • Alfing and short hair isn't the same thing though

    • Anonymous

      What is alfing?

    • Balding *
      't was a typo

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • bamesjond0069
    Well, short hair is ugly. I mean yes I prefer long hair, I also hate short hair. If my girlfriend cut her hair short I would tell her to get a wig or hold up a phone with porn on it when we have sex because I can't look at her looking all like a boy.
    • now, you sound like an awful person :)

    • Because you are a closed minded sexist

    • Not liking it isn't sexist. But thinking that only men can have short hair is.

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  • Kaneki05
    Can relate lmao. Nah but i get it my friend had long hair and when we had sleep over we just used same bed but her hair be long. And let's just say it gets annoying trying not trap it.

    Long hair looks the best but very impractiacl. That be said if i was a girl mine would be long af.
    And for a guy my hair is long.
  • sagevalentineee
    I could never cut my hair short! I have no problem with those who do. My hair is waist length and wavy and I can never cut it short. Even when I'm in my sixties, I'll keep it slightly past my shoulders
  • Oh yeah i understand the problems but i will still prefer long hair. 😎
  • startingfitness

    Honestly i don't care.
    I get it, i personally cut my hair very short, usually a buzz-crew cut or sometimes just bald.

    So im with it.

    Not into women who shave their hair though.
  • soleil2666
    Bah, don't stress about it one bit - I LOVE girls with short hair!
    I think it has to do with having the strength to be different (which females find more difficult than males/we are wired to care less about others' opinions and more about our own abilities and accomplishments)
    Short hair can be devastatingly cute - I am thinking of at least two faces that were feminine and with short hair charmed the living daylights out of me within half a second.
  • I'm getting my hair cut soon bc I don't know how to take care of long hair
  • __Beth__
    Exactly! I love short hair, its easier to keep up with.
  • Gedaria
    There a eighth reason they like it short. I think it looks great short...
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • derick01
    Can't relate but most definitely empathize.
  • stylist2019
    fwiw the one on the right looks better to me