8 Reasons For A Guy To Have Long Hair

Alright let's get to disclaimer. Some guys can pull off long hair some less so, it mainly has to do with head shape and genetics, but iv'e compiled a few reasons why wearing your hair long is great and also pretty cool. Been growing my hair out for a year now so maybe this could be motivation, and these are the benefits iv'e found, you're however completely free to disagree lol

8 Reasons For A Guy To Have Long Hair

1. Variety

I thought I would get the obvious out of the way. Short hair results in a limited amount of styles and way to wear it...Obviously....But there is SO much you can do for your style with long hair. You can tie it, wear it up, let it loose, man bun, curl them, straighten them if you want, not to mention you can braid it!

2. Wonderful Scents

That one, not so mentioned. But hair oils are amazing, and some scented hair oils that you can get and put into long hair can have masculine, perfumed or neutral scents that can smell wonderful. You'll also have access and use to a greater array of hair products in general. Sure there is always perfume but this is quite different- You would be surprised of how confident you can feel when you let your hair loose and you send an amazing smell all around you that can be incredibly attractive.

8 Reasons For A Guy To Have Long Hair

3. Can make you look way more laid back.

Done with the practicality let's get to the spirit of it all!

So you may know. Short hair makes you appear -in general- tight and concise and very sharp, which is great. But long hair however can make you appear a tad less serious, looser if you get my drift. More free spirited, if you let it. You'll find I bet that people could find it easier to approach you because you'll maybe seem less serious and cold at first glance. Your smiles could be fuller, you could look cooler :)

4. For guys it's not all too trendy---Yet

Yearning for a sense of individuality. You'll be served!

Long hair for guys is not all too common. Not too uncommon mind you, not looked down upon I wouldn't think. But still it is a way to set yourself apart in a major way. You're unlikely to look like every other guy rocking a short undercut all year long for 20 years of their lives..... Guys are expected to have short hair today even thought most males in ancient time wore their hair long, I don't know why but it's how it is. Therefore you'll have more of your own style, or at least you could, with long hair! It's not a way to break the social fabric in any way at least not on my part lol But is more original to my sense in our day and age for a guy.

5. Can make girls jealous, and is a great conversation topic.

Maybe girl like guys with long hair more maybe they don't, maybe it makes no difference at all, i'm not sure if the science is out on that yet.

BUT, I have found that (since it's something that girls and guys can have in common if you have long hair) you could find it is a very very good sustained topic to talk about with girls, it's something you'll have a shared experience with as weird as it may seem. You can also WOW them with how great your hair looks, maybe even better than theirs, and I don't know having better hair than your girlfriend as a guy sorta starts a deep rooted irony and a friendly competition.

8 Reasons For A Guy To Have Long Hair

6. Can surprisingly make you look more masculine!

I won't lie to you, in the end it can just as well make you look feminine, the truth is if you're growing hair you might want to hit the gym at some point or at least grow a beard...

Long hair is commonly thought of as a female attribute these days but it's not all too true, having a man bun and a beard is sometimes the most masculine you will look. This relates wholly to 7

7. Shows you're wholly comfortable with yourself and your sexuality

Since long hair IS ofttimes attributed to feminity , if you as a guy wear long hair comfortably, with masculinity and pride and no apology it really, to me demonstrates that you're not only comfortable with yourself but also that you're in no way afraid to take risks when it comes to style and are not too concerned with what others may think, which in turn makes you appear as bolder and more interesting to others I assure you. When you've gone through awkward stages of hair growth and survived them all without cutting.... you're not too likely to feel insecure about much.

You're not forced to fall in the fold and you show it, and you're althemore cooler for it!

8. Growing hair is a journey!

I won't say all too much, this is for another my take which delves into why having long hair can be a hassle.

It's not all too easy, it's definitely not a short process at all. There are bumps, awkward stages and long periods where you won't look great until your hair is grown out. But to me you feel great when it's done and you do feel a sense of accomplishment and feel consolidated as a person. Not to mention a journey is a journey, the memory of it is always good.

In the end I'm not saying all guys should have long hair, definitely not. This is merely a little wink to how cool long hair is to me and a way to share my feeling about it. Let me know if you would like me to make another my take delving into why one shouldn't grow hair!

Because there are reasons for that also LMAO.

8 Reasons For A Guy To Have Long Hair
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Most Helpful Guys

  • MrTuxedo

    I don't usually read myTakes, but I had to read this one, as I'm a guy with really long hair. Great myTake by the way, you got it all perfectly.

    Number 5. is the one I can relate the most. Soooo many girls have told me they are jealous of my hair's appearance and my hair color (blonde).

    As user before mentioned, not needing to spend money on haircuts is a bonus too.

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  • mateynine

    Another pro is that you also don't have to get haircuts very frequently. (once every 6m to a yr is fine) Or you could be uncaring about your appearance like me and cut it yourself to save a buck. 😬

    Long hair is like natural armor that helps protect your head & neck from abrasions and sunlight. Keeps you warmer in the winter and can be tied up during the summer.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • TheUniqueOne96

    Nice take.

    I definitely think it could be a great conversation starter with women.

    I've been growing my hair out since 2015 and just stuck by it, like I got one last haircut, to level it out from the back and said I would do it and have stuck by it ever since.

    The awkward phase is, well awkward, especially for me, as I always used to gel and spike my hair, so it was a drastic change, but I'm proud of the fact I stuck by it and got through it, as it does show commitment.

    Unfortunately, my hair is on the thinner side and my hairline is pretty far back, so I can't just tie my hair back like that and instead part it to one side and strategically bring it to a ponytail - I'm bored to death of the style, as it's almost always like that, when I'm out, but I'm too scared to try something new, when out and feel limited, due to my hairline.

    When I used to go college, I used to leave it open, but it just never stays straight, even if I try it now, so I don't bother doing it more and use pigtail when I'm at home, as an alternative to double braids, because braids just looks complicated as hell and I've tried it and gave up straight away.

    My hair is also tangle prone and I use multiple hair ties when I pigtail it, because it just helps prevent or at least cut down on the tangles.

  • Guanfei

    Problem is that before having long hair worth being shown, you end up with a middle long mess that makes you look like a rapist.

    • And that is why I mentioned growing hair is only for the thick skinned... Plus it does not make you look like a rapist lol And plus there is such thing called a hat

  • BrittBratt2416

    I suppose, it really depends on the guy. Some guys do look good with long hair but for men who don't have prominent or soft features then I wouldn't recommend it sense it can make you look more effeminate than masculine. But there are some very handsome men with long hair. My fiancee is one of them when he grows it out <3

  • Vallius86

    I used to shave my head bald All the time when I was in the military. I grew my hair a few years after I got out from 15 to early 19 then got it cut it was over 12 inches

  • lucazafer

    Yeah tried long hair , not a fan , the hours to condition and style , no , I'm not here to try and look like a smoke pot and wear flip flops outside saying 'hey duuude, got any weed?' also if I live in a society were men having short hair is more deemed acceptable , I can live with that , I don't have to waste me time fixing my hair etc I'll let the women do that

  • CrypticLOL

    I know a guy whose got something of a nordic warrior look going on. Similar to the last picture, except a slightly bigger beard and minus the man bun, which in my opinion completely ruins the whole thing and makes him look silly.

  • FunkyMonkee

    9. It feels so fucking good on your bare back or thighs when it's just moving around slightly in the breeze!!

  • Also It makes you look more powerful. It just means no one is bossing unlike students with haircut policies at school making them feel like a slave. Also it makes you feel regal as well.

  • EmbraceThePain

    I don’t look good with long hair, I prefer short hair. Specifically, I prefer really short on the sides and back, and a little length on top. This can exacerbate certain features I have such as my cheekbones and jawline. I also like the speed with which I can have my hair ready without spending too long fixing it up if it were much longer. On another note, I think long hair like the examples you’ve presented can be feminine, so I opt to represent myself in a more masculine manner, as that is just my personal preference.

  • Suprised this hasn't gotten any traction. I love guys with long hair!. Its hott


  • MollyTheOriginal

    Lately I've only been attracted to gyn with long-ish hair and/or facial hair... Not sure why but I've embraced it.

  • Clearblueskye

    The only man I like long hair on is Antonio banderas

    • LOL Are you sure it's his hair? That looks crazy! hahaha

  • Sam16_92

    I also have long hair. I love long hair very much and also people like them too. But my beard is patchy and I'm not muscular. I'm kind of average build.

  • Smegskull

    I have long hair but for none of the above... I just think haircuts are a waste of money. I don't see it anyway because it's behind my field of view so why spend money on it?

  • Daniel3035

    lol well we used to grow our hair long once upon a time cave men had long hair I don't know we transitioned to short hair now.

  • Cap_T

    Used to have a nice long hair till they threatened me 😔😔😔

  • esotericstory

    I do it because it allows for more self expression than short hair. I dont do it for the trends, trends are dumb.

  • Kas19

    Some guys look really good in long hair. I've always wanted to braid it or play with it.

  • AD240pCharlie

    I have long hair simply because dragging my hand through it is a tic of mine. I can't do that with short hair so I refuse to cut it.

  • Dude_1820

    As a guy with long hair I just had to read this!

    Great MyTake!!

  • Tldr if his hair long:

    1. He gay
    2. He hobo
    3. He lazy

  • ninaneedshelp

    one time I saw a guy with long hair and it was soooooo soft I almost died

  • VanillaIcecream

    It’s a personal choice. But I don’t like it on men. M

  • Landshrk0068

    Let's not forget the insane amount of time and money wasted taking care it.

    • I was naming out positives and said I could do negatives... Besides it doesn't feel waisted to me when you can get amazing hair

    • mateynine

      This isn't true unless your hair type totally sucks and you need to visit a salon or spend an hour styling it in order to look good.

  • bulletbob555

    I have long hair there definitely are some stages to go through. As far as being in style its the unstyle for me

  • Kdude010

    The feminization of men will be the downfall of men. What's next? Men with painted nails?

  • Greendog

    Some guys have good faces for long hair. Sadly I look disgusting with it. I tried it..

  • admles

    I can't do it, my hair is so ridiculously thick anything longer than a buzzcut is so uncomfortable!

  • Dudes with long hair are HOT!

  • FlatsRunner

    I’ve always had long hair and always will

  • Hell yeah! Hair on the head is stylish!

  • A guy can have long hair

  • Hipsters, gross.

  • Bethebest10

    Ummm No

  • es20490446e

    I have long hair because humans have long hair.

  • Jansetta

    Guys are too lazy to take care of long hair.

  • joyboy12

    I dont like long hair on guys man.

  • EdouardGaudette

    That's right

  • koolkieth

    Crap I cut my hair off I want it back now

  • honeyskies

    Guys with long hair!>>>>>>>>>>

  • Anonymous

    never gonna happen with me lol

  • Anonymous

    I love long hair on men especially paired with a nice trimmed beard. I can just imagine running my hands through it all day long. I prefer it usually in a bun though and honestly not all guys can rock it. I feel like guys with more masculine features (tall, in shape, broad shoulders, defined jawline) look best with it in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Guys with long hair are so hot. It doesn't suit everyone however. I have a male friend with long hair and it looks hideous lol, only short hair suits him.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like long hair on some men. I was at the hair salon on time when this man was cutting his hair short Texas short for his girlfriend or wife. I was a bit "sad" because he actually looked good with long hair. One of the most beautiful long hair I saw was on a man who was Native American. Long hair down to the middle of his back. My daughter actually hates long hair. Maybe I like it because I came from a generation where some men wore their hair long I'm 58

  • Anonymous

    I've had everything from mid-back length to shaved. I shave it every day now, but I think it's funny that sometimes in my dreams its still long.

  • Anonymous

    i love a really short hair cut. it feels great, it's really neat, looks good on me and it's very masculine. so i don't think i'll ever grow my hair long

  • Anonymous

    You don’t think it’s a trend? Every guy where I live has long hair tho

    • Well where do you live? I may be deluded but if I had to throw out a guess I would say long hair is likely a cultural element of the place where you live, most likely it's more common than short hair in the place where you live because maybe men are expected to have it? COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG, just my guess

    • Anonymous

      I live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

    • ... May be a trend in Australia then maybe!
      I didn't know. Keep in mind i used the words trend as a very westernized way of choosing style, not in areas of the world where it is a cultural aspiration, in that case it's hardly a trend and more of you're not really having a lot in terms of choice