Trying to get used to thong desperatly over years.?

Hi everyone. I want to ask you for help.
I have been wearing thong underwear occasionally for last three years but still haven´t got used to them. Actually I have been trying to get used to them for three years. When I decided to change into thong I gradually replaced almost all my underwear for thongs as I was trying to find those which will fit best. I found my favorits and I was able to wear thongs almost daily but after two three weeks I always end up wearing normal panties because I loose mood to wear thongs. Thongs are comfy for me during that period and I have no health issue when wearing them permanently. Of course that they are sometimes uncomfy for me but sometimes I would swore that they are the most comfortable underwear ever. I am convinced that thongs are for me I love thong but the only thing is that I can't put them among my daily basis. I thing that the biggest problem is only my mood or psychology.
I want to ask someone who know my problem or is thong person to encourage me in wearing them more. Some tips atc...
I thing that calendar of days when to wear thong might help me.
Like: 1 st thong
2 nd panties
3 th thong
4 th thong

Could someone help me please...


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  • I wear a thong almost every day because I have been for years and I find them comfortable, I was never not comfy while wearing one. The only time I don't wear a thong is with certain pairs of jeans because I don't like how the jean feels on my butt, so I'll wear lace cheeky panties. The comfiest thong that I own is a seamless one from Victoria's Secret, and it literally feels like nothing is there.

    I don't wear thongs to bed, and instead wear boy shorts/briefs (or nothing...depends on the weather lol). I wore a thong to bed before and woke up and felt uncomfortable, so I never did it again. If you want to get used to wearing a thong more often, then wear it depending on which clothes you're wearing that day. I'll just tell you when I wear them with which outfits lol

    Thong days: yoga pants, work-out shorts, loose-mesh shorts, tight skirts/dresses, leggings

    Panty days: days I'm staying in the house, certain pairs of jeans, loose sweatpants, pajamas, and when i'm going to bed


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  • They seem trashy anyways. Just wear regular underwear.

  • I like boy shorts on girls.

  • Why do you wear thong if you aren't comfortable with them? Just wear those panties


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  • Just wear whatever you're in the mood for, it doesn't have to be a thong!


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