Which is more attractive on guys, fitted shirts or fitted T-shirts?

Which do you find more attractive? A couple of examples of the style I mean (please excuse the terrible taste in colours and patterns of the guy in the shirt)


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Also do you think age and context play a role?


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  • T-shirt... judging from these pictures you posted. (that first shirt is kind of too tight and a bit short for the guy, while the second shirt is just ugly... and isn't as fitter as it could be)

    Although - shirt:


    Too tight looks kind of womanly on men. In translation - looks silly and not attractive. (keep in mind, this is a subjective opinion, my opinion.)

    • Ha totally with you on the disgusting shirt picture my googling skills weren't up to much :P What if the guy was quite a bit more built than those guys, i mean where shirts tend to be tight on upper and loose from chest down?

    • Sure, I get that, and that is just fine. You can't really walk around in a bag just so the shirt wouldn't be tight anywhere. It's the same with women. Because of our breasts, shirts are tighter there than anywhere else... maybe this is why I find this a bit feminine in men.
      O. o

    • Thank you! =)

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  • The fitted long-sleeved shirt is hotter! oh god, i HATE fitted t-shirts. SO MUCH. especially when the sleeves are super short... they look SO girly too me.

  • If you're very well toned then T shirts because you can kinda see muscles underneath them. If you're not, shirts are waaaay better

    • I have noticed this especially with very lightweight tshirts but heavier weight ones only seem to show off shoulders and pecs etc. which you can still show off in a shirt, also i think you can show off a toned stomach area better in shirts because you can tuck them in -tshirts just kind of tent hanging off the chest or upper ab area

  • Shirts definitely

    I don't like the tight t shirt look on guys.

  • Fitted shirts like the one on the 2nd dude.

  • t shirt. But fitted only on guys who are fit

    • ha yeah it goes with the territory

  • Tight black tee shirt or tight tank top

  • I personally love love love the tshirt look, however that having been said it all depends on the guys body. For example if he's nice, toned and muscly in the chest, abs and arms area then tshirt 100%, but if he's just average than I would definitely say fitted button down shirt :)

    • Oh yeah I mean with a nice body, fitted anything isn't pretty if your soft or blubbery :P I think t-shirts are better for showing off the shape but not for communicating class and style as much maybe

    • Yeah definitely, I think it also depends on the situation you know? I mean if I was attending a formal event with a guy I wouldn't want him to rock up in a tshirt, I think guys can look very attractive in both :)

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