Trashy Blondes vs. Classy Blondes?

Why do most guys like trashy looking blonde girls (the ones with grotesquely orange-tan skin and bleach blonde hair; for instance the Playboy Playmate types) instead of classy looking blondes (girls who look more like Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve)?

I’m asking this because when I see guys with girlfriends that have blonde hair, they always tend to look a bit more on the trashier side, but I very rarely see men out with blonde women who are a bit more reminiscent of old Hollywood beauties.

I just don't get it...


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  • Guys have gone for girls who exude sex appeal since the dawn of man. When guys see the type of blondes you describe, they think of...well, sex. Whether or not the girls you describe are trashy, they give off sexual vibes and that's why guys go for them. The classier looking girls might be daunting to certain guys who are lazy and don't care about the actual girl behind the looks. On another note, styles change over time. Unfortunately, many girls look to Paris Hilton and those Hills girls as style icons these days, not Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve or Audrey Hepburn. It's unfortunate. But, I would choose classy over trendy any day, especially if the trend is on the trashier side of things.


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  • Calling people you don't even know trashy? Wow, maybe these guys you see them with are with them because the girl they are with is not judging people just on shallow terms of how they look.

    I hate people like you. I have 2 full arms covered in tattoo's. You f***ers stare at me like I owe something, or you pass judgements on me with out having a clue as to who I am or what I'm about. In that way, I'm glad I'm covered with tattoo's. It keeps the flakes like yourself out of my life.

    • Honestly, anytime I see someone heavily tattooed, they are usually the one who is on the defensive side of things when no one else has even said anything, done anything, or made any type of unpleasant face. It's like they are pre-judging me before I have even looked at them, so perhaps this is in your head. Maybe you're the one not giving anyone else a chance and just assuming that people are judging you...?

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    • I don't think I mentioned anything about tattoos in my question...

      You yourself are being very hypocritical, passing judgement on someone you don't even know.

      And just for your infromation I happen to be very attracted to guys with sleeves and chest pieces. Which would be the only reason "someone like me" would be staring...

    • I don't think I'm being hypocritical. Your question clearly passes judgement on people you describe as trashy. That's judging people you don't even know. My tattoo's are an example of people just like yourself who pass judgement on me without even knowing me. All I'm saying is get to know a person before you call them trashy.

  • trashy-that doesn't really describe the girl, first off I haven't seen many classy blondes. And many of my frends that have blonde hair have the "trashy blonde" or wtvr that means. Their always fun and energetic and 100% exciting all the time.

    • So are you associating them being fun because of their hair? Something doesn't sound right there. . .

    • Thats not what I'm saying but the description that was layed down by the author is an opinion and I'm not associating any hair color with any action I am only stating from past acquaintances what I've observed. but I have also met some very smart and intelligent "trash" blondes so it does make sense the authors description. LIke Spelunker stated trashy and classy are a matter of opinion

  • you forgot about the dirty blondes, lol

    as I am a dirty blonde

    why do we go for them? because they give that "easy" look, and usually they are easy, not always though

    id rather have a classy blonde over a trashy blonde anyday all about the redheads, even before they were in style this year

  • I don't think it's accurate to say "most" guys like trashy blondes.

    And trashy & classy are matters of opinion.

  • i think its cause they are easier

    idk just a guess!


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  • The guys with the Barbie dolls on their arms are looking for a trophy in my experience. It's an ego boost when they go out with this "beautiful blonde," and they are the envy of all of the other guys who wish they had her. It's almost like a status thing.

    On the other hand, I have seen guys with classic blondes as well. They are seeking the whole package- looks, intelligence, personality and companionship. This lady looks beautiful and when she opens her mouth, she is very articulate and alluring. She doesn't have to dress provocatively to gain the attention of a man. These men are looking for more than a trophy, they want someone with a mind, who holds their interest and is compatible with them.

    It all will be based on the spot you're at, age group and even geographic location.

    • Yeah, this is the best answer. [Directed at questionnaire] The guys who do go for those "trashier" looking girls are probably the type you don't want to get worked up over so don't be discouraged into thinking that all guys go for trophy gals.

  • Maybe it is your age group or where you live or just that you are focused on "seeing" that reality. I am not a trashy blonde and I am not going without dates, lol.

  • styles change. what was popular a really long time ago isn't going ot be popular today. that's just how things are. Literally nobody looks like old Hollywood movie stars.

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