Beard - turn on OR turn off

How about it Ladies, what do you think of facial hair on a man in his 20s? Is is Hawt or Gross?

Which option below do you find you are most attracted to?

All comments are awarded points, say speak your mind.

  • Full natural bushy beard
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  • Trimmed beard with distinct hard clean edges and clean shaven neck
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  • Full goatee with connecting mustache - clean sides and neck
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  • Mostly clean shaven but with a soul patch, goatee, or just a mustache
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  • Smooth like a baby's butt
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think a big beard or goatee or mustache is cute.. I like the light shadows those are hot!


    • Girls should I shave my mushtache and french beard or keep it??..When do I look good? Please sugest?

      if you need I will upload more of my pic's... I have one photo... uploaded my profile ' mail me back to am 23 now.. generally how do you like guys to be..? do you like mush or goatee or beard etc>>?

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What Girls Said 4

  • Beards hurt unless they're really grown in. which sucks, because I find stubble sooo attractive. I usually hint that shaven = better just because it hurts less, even if I think stubble is hotter. I'll go with clean-shaven and no beard burn any day.

  • I agree with anonny. The scruffy, stubble look is hot but not on all guys. But for making out, forget about it. Beard burn is the worst. No girl wants the skin on her face rubbed raw.

    • Thats only if its a really short stubbly beard - if its a little bit longer and brushed a lot, its soft and almost fur like

  • I personally don't like a full on beard but I really like a bit of stubble on a man!

  • I like some facial hair on my boyfriend. He has the "scruffy. Haven't shaved in a few days" look. I love it!


What Guys Said 1

  • I had a near full beard which I recently shaved off, and every girl that I have talked to has commented on the fact I look much better .

    I think it's personal preference, but most girls do seem to prefer little facial hair as possible

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