What do I wear to the bar? (first timer!)

This is going to be the first time I have ever been to the bar. I am 20 years old, but I have decided I won't be chicken anymore and I am going to go with one of my girlfriends. I do not know what to wear though. I do not want to come across as being slutty. I don't really like dresses either, and I don't really have any dresses. I am 120-125lbs and 5'8". I have dirty blonde hair that is quite short. I am going to the city, so I can pick something out. Is there any outfit that you can suggest that would look great on me. I am reserved person (unlike my friend :( ), but I want to feel attractive too. By the way, I am not going there to pick up guys. I am going with my friend, if a nice guy happens to be there then great ( since I have never had a relationship.) But that is wishful thinking . . . lol. I just want to look great and have fun (if that is possible) If you can't answer this question without a picture I will include a link, but otherwise I would like you to just tell me what you think without a picture. Thanks a lot, I am really nervous!


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  • No need to be so nervous! Everybody in a bar is there to have fun and maybe meet somebody to flirt with. I suggest you wear a nice pair of skinny jeans that will show off you figure without revealing too much skin, as you say you don't like dresses. Then wear a really nice top with some embellishment or made out of a nice lace or satin. Pick a colour that will suit your hair. Bright and jewel colours are great with a darkish blonde so maybe a purple/pink/teal green?

    Don't forget the little bits like groomed and cleaned hair, nails, teeth, make-up and a nice bag with shoes and perhaps a necklace.

    The key is to let the real you shine through. I wore black flat ballet style pumps with black tights and a t-shirt dress and minimum make-up except a slick of black eyeliner to the last club. Everyone else wore heels and no tights and lots of make-up but I felt comfortable so it worked for me! I got hit on by more guys than I have in a long time that night and I am average looking. If you treat the night like just fun dressing up with a friend then you can't go wrong. Remember creative dressing is encouraged during the night and plus the soft lighting and dark dance floors make these places very forgiving. Good luck!

    • Thanks, some really good clothing advice. I do have a pair of skinnys. I was thinking of wearing my flat shoes as well. I have this one top. It is a dark green and it has this kind of a flowing loose turtle neck. It is more of a knit-like thing but it is a t shirt. Is that too "closed" off for a bar? If not that, I do have some lower stuff. Is that better to wear to a bar?

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    • Hahahahaha. Yeah, I probably would end up a sweaty mess. Okay, I will try to find something in my closet, or at the mall that is kind of fun and airy for my armpits. lol. I don't know if you want to know this but it makes me sad because I saw this one shirt at the mall that I loved! It was airy, it wasn't super low (flowy type neck) but it was not the right size for me! grr! Thanks for the advice. I did find one necklace, it is beautiful. I don't know if is "bar beautiful", but I like it :)

    • Yay! So happy to have helped!

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  • I was a professional musician for most of my life, and, as such, I've been in more bars than any 30 people on this site combined. I could probably qualify in any courtroom as a qualified expert on bars.lol. As long as you wear something clean and freshly pressed, and your hair looks nice, and add a little perfume, and a dab of make-up perhaps, you're more than good to go. If you're talking about a nightclub, perhaps in a nice hotel or the like, you might want to wear a dress, if you know this is standard attire. If its a busy dance club, you'll almost certainly get asked to dance. The longer you stay (and this goes for any bar) the more guys will hit on ya. Don't be too flattered by this, as the longer you stay, the more intoxicated the men get. There's an old saying in bars "The girls all get prettier at closing time". Just take anything a guy tells ya with a grain of salt, and don't take any marriage proposals too seriously.

    • Yeah, that is surprisingly true. My one girlfriend said that this one guy asked to marry her. I wasn't that shocked though because she always has guys going for her. Never heard that story though. I just hope I don't feel worthless at the end of the night. Because although I am not going to find guys, it does hurt my esteem when no one ever likes me.

  • It's just a bar and you should wear clothes you normally would at school or college.

    Wear jeans and a normal top.


    • Okay, that sounds pretty easy then. lol.

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  • It really depends where you are going if its like a bar club type of thing then I wear like a short tight dress that's not to short or too slutty just showing off my body and curves but to some places you could wear skinny jeans, heals and a cute top. Good Luck!

    • Thanks, I am going tomorrow night!

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