What are some... Fashion tips? for a curvy girl who's short?

Needless to say I suck at picking out flattering clothes, any tips or advice? :)
Maybe I'm not curvy? Lol I don't know what I'd call me xD chubby? Normal? >.< Never thought about it.


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  • If you are curvy you should emphasize your lips and your eyes. There are things you can put on to make your eyes look better without surgery. Somebody did a YouTube make up channel but I don't remember what it was. The other thing is where black or pale greenish blue but where clothes that "genereously" cover your body - that is they aren't tight on you. The third thing is to wear loose black pants. Dress professional and classy - like you are going to a business meeting. You can be classy and rich without being "thin."


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