Do guys look at girls' hands?

I really like this guy I'm just starting to see and he really likes me.

But I bite my nail (short) and the skin around the nails so the skin is kinda pink.

I'm so embarrassed about my hands but I can't seem to stop biting them.

If you really liked a girl would it matter what her hands look like?


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  • I do look at hands.. but I wouldn't let something as petty as chewed fingernails turn me off of someone. As for my proclivity (I wouldn't quite call it a fetish) towards hands, they're the primary thing we use to reach out to people. Obviously. xD You can learn a lot about someone by watching their hands.

    You can tell if they work hard, wash often, play a certain type of instrument. You'll notice if they're strict about beauty and hygiene, or if they're more laid back about their bodies. You can wash the dirt off of your face after a hike, but you can't (easily) remove the callouses from playing the Violin, or moving rocks. It's easier to wipe the tears off of your face after a day at the hospital than it is to repair your recently-marred fingertips.

    That, and how a person expresses themselves through touch says a lot about how they feel about that thing or person. The list of words used to describe simple actions involving your hands is immense, with things like "stroke" and "caress" contrasting so violently with "grab" and "wrench".


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  • Nope, it doesn't really matter. Unless he likes girls with long nails.

  • not really

    do girls look at guys hands?

    • I do but I've dated guys who have bitten there nails and it didn't bother me

    • Hands tell you a lot about a person I look at guys hands but bitten nails is not a deciding factor. it's not so much a bout the nails but the actual hands

  • Well I don't think it matters, but you really need to break the habit. Find something else to take your mind off it.


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  • I never really thought that hands were a turn off but I know that my boy friend sometimes notices my fingernails. He rarely comments when I do something new with them like color and such. But when I do say something about them he always says that he did notice and they look very nice. But then again he doesn't say anything at all if they are not painted and I cut them all off either. I would say that if he likes you then it shouldn't matter. If he is really so sensitive that he is going to nit pick about your nails then that is just mean.

  • I don't think you should worry too much. Although that is a bad habit, it won't really bother a guy that likes you unless A) It only bothers him because he cares if you are in pain, or B) He has some strange hand-fetish.

    True, hands and such are beautiful when small and delicate, it really shouldnt matter. I wouldn't loose sleep over it.

    My cousin actually has this same problem, although she has it a lot worse. She bites her nails until they bleed, and she even bites off all her skin on a few of her fingers all the way down to her knuckle. But I am telling you, she has been with a few guys in her days, and is even getting married now.

    I also crack my fingers and my knuckles are HUGE. I too worried about if my guyfriend would be turned-off by this, but he simply isnt. A guy will love you for YOU, fingers and all, and if he doesnt...well screw him.

    • Im the same as your cousin. I'm just so embarrassed by it

    • It is a bad habit, and I'm sure it also hurts you :( so I am sorry. but please, don't worry too much about it. a guy will NOT leave you for that reason, or start to dislike you. If he already likes you, youve got it in the bag.

      some ways you can improve this habit is to [pick up another one! ..haha] have a little but of self control during the matter. how many fingers do you peel your skin off of? try doing it just to one finger. also for not biting, you can apply fake fingernails

      .sorry so long

    • Ive tried fake nail but I still bite the skin :(

      and I bite all my nails

      thank you for the advice!!!

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