Is it harder to maintain curly hair?

I've always had really straight hair but I'm getting a perm to go curly-wavy soon. Is it harder to maintain curly hair, in comparison to straight? My straight hair gets into tangles and knots pretty easily, will that intensify with curly hair?

Are there any major differences to having curly hair... as opposed to straight?


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  • Curly hair will also get into tangles and knots you will have to learn to manage it and use different products to do so. Going from straight to a perm will dry your hair out as well. It also depends on the curl pattern, how well your hair retains moisture and the thickness. You should research curly hair forums they are really helpful.


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  • My hair was really curly when I was little and so hard to manage. Curly hair can get frizzy and very tangled if you don't take care of it constantly. Products made specifically for curly hair would be a good idea to buy.

  • Wavy is hard to manage, so I would imagine curly is even harder. You just have to learn the tricks of the trade. I'll be happy to share those tricks if you like : ) Then you can decide if it is worth it.

    • by the way, mine is natural. It can be a combo of straight, wavy, and curly. Mostly wavy and curly.

    • It took me FOREVER to figure out what to do and not do without using heated products. Combing when wet, putting some curl product in, scrunching, letting it dry naturally or diffuse, and not touching it after that does wonders.

  • My hair is naturally curly and it's a nightmare. I want to straighten it every single day but I keep getting told to just embrace the curls. As you can probably tell by my picture (taken in november), I'm not doing a great job at it lol.