Cute, Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous?

What is the difference between a guy calling you cute, sexy, gorgeous, etc?

I've always had this idea in my head that if a guy simply says you're "cute," that it means you aren't beautiful or gorgeous or something, but that you have a nice personality.

So, boys, is there any difference in these terms?


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  • Okay there is no difference. I usually say cute, even if the girl is gorgeous. Why? Because I don't want to give away all my chips. If I say, "Wow, you're gorgeous! " You'll think, "This guy really likes me. " You'll take the chips out of my hand so fast and run me like a damn marathon. I'm always modest because a girl has to know that she has no power over me, she can't just do any old thing. You never show a player all of your hand until the very end. If I hold out, I can make bluffs, and if I make bluffs, I can tweak the game so it goes my way. Okay now that I've obliged your request, answer me this. Do you think I should tell girls they're sexy or gorgeous instead of cute and why?

    • Interesting!

      And no, I don't think so at all. I think it's pretty much the guy's choice as to what to call the girl they are dating or like, I just know that girls love to be called sexy or gorgeous once in a while, especially if it's always, "she's cute! "

    • Forget chips! If she can't take a compliment without trying to exploit you, she's not worth knowing. Let her tell on herself; if she snatches a chip, just keep walking. Tell the truth & let it set you free & score you points. Many men have called me beautiful, stunning & gorgeous, never cute, but whatever they call me, I know when they're holding back out of fear. Listen, if I want you, nothing will stop my pursuit. If I don't want you, nothing you do or say will change my mind. So just be honest

    • Additionally... Tricks are for kids silly rabbit. When you begin to surround yourself with a higher caliber of women, women who are worthy of you, and women you are worthy of, you'll find that not only are your bluffs, player-ism, and chips totally useless, but we will smell your insincerity from a mile away... and once again, you'll lose. So just be sincere, and let the chips fall where they may. What's meant to be will be.

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  • Very good question.

    I think it depends on the guy, but I'll take a shot at this one.

    "cute" - hey I like what you're wearing, you look good, and I both notice and appreciate the effort that you put into making yourself look that way. Kudos.

    "hot" - a reference to physical beauty alone. Not clothing, makeup, personality, etc. It's only the raw materials. Some girls can fake being hot by doing all kinds of unimaginable things to their bodies that guys have only heard tales of, but others are just plain hot - no way around it. Hot girls can be in sweats with their hair pulled back and no makeup, but they can still be freakin' hot. Hotness is by all means in the eye of the beholder. There is no set standard that is universal.

    "sexy" - dang. The way you are acting, dressing, talking, etc. Is alluring to the point that I could be manipulated to some extent. I usually find myself at this point thinking things that should be reserved for my future wife. This (for me) is mostly used in reference to a girl's mannerisms or dress.

    "gorgeous" - the particular woman in question is of inestimable physical beauty (particularly in reference to the face), and is well-dressed. This is usually in reference to non-standard up-scale clothing (formal attire / fancy stuff).

    "beautiful" - this, for me, is the highest compliment because it takes in the whole person, not just the outside. When a woman is beautiful to me, she has an awesome personality that I connect with, respect, and that challenges me to lead her and serve her with more energy, commitment, and honor. The icing on the cake for 'beautiful' is that they are also quite good-looking (see 'hot').

  • If you took the Webster's Dictionary, you could get a better idea of how these words should be used. I think it is miss used by many and including myself, but here are my opinions about how I would use them to describe a girl:

    Sexy - Mostly about the body and little about the face

    Beautiful - Mostly about the personality, no matter the looks

    Cute - Combination of a beautiful personality and good looks

    Gorgeous - All about the looks and body

    Can you tell me your definition of these terms? I've always wondered what it meant when a girl called me cute and sexy. I get the "handsome" and "you're looking good", but "cute" and "sexy" can be confusing, huh.

    • This is pretty much right. Cute means relationship potential/emotional connection, basically you have personality traits a guy admires and you are fairly good looking also. Sexy basically is just a physical attraction, potential hook up possibility at the moment, beyond that we'll see kind of thing.

    • Gorgeous is just a guy overselling it because he wants to impress you. And beautiful is the special word we guys use when we feel a really strong emotional connection with a girl and want to make her feel really special.

    • I like those answers. When I call a guy cute, I guess you could say it's used in the same was as a girl being called cute. When I say a guy is cute, to me it means he's got good looks but he's also sweet and genuine. Sexy to me, is more someone you see walking down the street that is really good looking, but might not necessarily ever give you the time of day. But if you're in a relationship, then I think sexy means more of that the guy is cute AND turns you on.

  • Try this one

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    Maybe it'll give you a new perspective

  • When I use those terms, I mean them interchangeably. In other words, they all mean "attractive" to me.

    BUT, if I was using it for a particular reason, these would be my definitions:

    Cute: All around good looking. Someone who catches my eye just by being. For what it's worth I go for cute girls, because cuteness doesn't change with clothing or makeup or skin tanness or diet (to a certain degree), it's just a property that a girl has or doesn't have and what's considered cute varies a lot from guy to guy.

    Sexy: Sexy describes actions, usually body language or speech. Sometimes it can refer to how she looks, but not usually.

    Gorgeous: I never use this word.

    Hot: Hot is someone who has the stereotypically attractive qualities, like if I told my mates I met a "hot" girl they'd already have an idea of her figure and whatnot.

    To be totally honest, I wouldn't worry about his word choice at all.


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  • I think there is. Even though I'm a girl.

    When my boyfriend says I look cute, I think he means that I'm gorgeous to him, that I'm bubbly, that I'm fun, that I'm silly, that these just something about me that keeps him coming back, something nice about me that only the people who know me the way he does would see.

    When he says sexy, I normally think his thinking he can't wait to get my clothes off, that he loves the way I look at that moment but probably wouldn't want his dad or mum to see me that way, that I'm the one that does it for him and turns him on but only wants himself to see me that way

    When he says I look gorgeous, his trying to say that at that moment I've got the complete package, my hairs looking good, my nails are nice, my skin is clear, my make up is done, my outfit is eye catching but all in an elegent way, in a way that I look good enough for him to want to show me off to the world and not have to worry about his friends getting the wrong idea about me or thinking I'd wanna have her.

    And beautiful, I think when someone tells you you are beautiful, they are referring to the inside part of you, your personality, your kind heart, your caring ways, your gentle touch, the thoughtful things you say, what a person does is what makes them beautiful, not just how they look.

    In my preference, I like to be called cute when me and my boyfriend are playing games, or at an adventure park or sitting on the cough just being silly. I like being called sexy when it comes to bed time, and I'm not talking about going to sleep :p I like being called gorgeous when we're going out on a date to have dinner or to meet his parents or to a birthday, it makes me feel like his proud to show off what a gorgeous girl he has.

    And beautiful, like to be called beautiful everyday. Cause everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • When a guy calls you cute he's looking at your face

    If he calls you sexy he's looking at your body

    If he calls you Beautiful he's looking at you as a whole person

    And gorgeous means that your a looker

    I hope I helped

  • Cute = Youthful in personality or looks

    Sexy = Sexually attractive

    Beautiful = Great Personality + Incredibly attractive without being sexually attractive

    Gorgeous = Beautiful x 2, I would think Beautiful + Make up + great attire.