Why are women so makeup obsessed?

Like seriously, I don't mind a little makeup, but some women can be pig-headed when it comes to make up.

I understand the "gotta look good" and all, but some are spending close to an hour in the bathroom. Some girls won't even let their own boyfriends look at them without makeup. It's not like we don't know it's not your face...come on.

Like some girls will not even let you kiss their face. Will not leave the house without makeup, even if it's something simple like buying a gallon of milk.

I'll say this, it's sexy when a woman can wake up and get ready in 8 minutes. Brush your teeth, apply a LITTLE makeup, and walk right out the door.


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  • Cut them some slack. Women are constantly assaulted with the idea that their appearance is of the utmost importance. After a while the notion of anyone seeing you without you making your best effort to look good just feels wrong.

    • I do cut slack, but what if my own girl can't appreciate me loving her for her own natural beauty? I have the feeling that most women would prefer to look pretty over being committed to their own spouse.

    • I don't think most women see those as contrary aims.

  • not all women wear a lot of makeup. I wear it sometimes but I feel perfectly fine going without it. that may be more indicative of the type of women that you date than anything else.

    it takes a long time to apply the makeup perfectly with a steady hand. women want to look our best at all times. think about it, when you met her I'm sure she had makeup on right? so you were attracted to how she looked with the makeup. she wants to keep it that way. she might have bad skin under there and doesn't feel comfortable with you seeing it. a lot of women really feel that they look better with makeup.

    why do men care anyway? as long as she looks good why do you care how long it takes her to get ready? if you want the hot look you have to put up with what it takes to get it.

    • When I first met her she didn't wear that much makeup. But I think now she's overdoing it. But she does NOT have bad skin, she has perfect skin really. I hardly ever see a pimple or blemish.

      I care because when we're suppose to eat brunch at 10, but she wakes up at 9:15 and we didn't leave until 10:15!!!! My mother didn't like it that I was late...she said I WAS LATE! This was an informal brunch...that is what got me so upset. We didn't arrive until 10:45 and her friend's daughter was crying.

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