Girls, whats the difference between cheekies, cheekinis and thongs?

I wanna get some new undies but like there's soo many diff types and im not sure exactly what the difference is... Im not a big thong person because I dont like the whole underwear up my butt feeling but do cheekys and cheekinis do the same? Which style is most comfortable? I would guess they dont go as far up ur butt as a thong does right?

like these for example are called cheekys but they look just like thongs :|

ahh so confusing! thanks!


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  • I have both cheekys and cheekinis, the cheekinis I have are the most comfortable. The cheekys are like a thong but the part that goes up your butt is like an inch wide, and they really only ride up if you pull them up all the way (like in the links you posted). I pull mine up only to my waist line, but whenever my boyfriend sees me wearing them he pulls them up all the way because he likes the way it looks haha. But if you are going for pure comfort I would go with the cheekini (I don't really wear those ones around my boyfriend though)

    • haha thats cute! but I would think that more material up there would be more noticeable and uncomfy lol

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  • Ummm... those are all thongs.

    • lol ya thats what i thought! so what is the difference between them then?

    • they all seem to go up your butt lol

    • Yeah... I see no difference. That's just a brand trying to repackage and sell you the same lame things by a different name so you'd think you need all of them. o. O
      Nice try, Victoria's Secret... nice try.

  • The only difference between them is the coverage. I prefer thongs, but I do have some cheeksters too.

  • I prefer thongs... no panty lines

    • ya i meant in terms of comfort though.. are cheekys more comfy or do they fit the same as thongs?

    • Thongs are pretty comfortable but I have a few of the cheeky types and they always feel like they are halfway up my cheeks

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