Should a guy wear TOMS?

I don't know if I should get some TOMS or Sperrys. Keep in mind that I'm also updatin my wardrobe for a girl I'm about to date. I'm going to get my paycheck in a couple days and need a style for summer so I want to get a pair of shoes (A red pair and black pair of TOMS or 1 pair of Sperrys) and some clothes to match them. Not many guys wear them at my school, one guy likes to dress differently and the other one can rock them insanely good. A lot of girls think it's cute when he wears them, and some thinks it's word or "gay". I have worn them previously (the guy I mentioned that rocks them is my friend and he let me wear them) and no one said a thing about them, but I might want to try again. And the second question is, should I buy TOMS or speedy boat shoes (the brown ones a lot of guys wear)? See the problem is that I know for sure I can pull of the sperrys, but with summer approaching I don't know if I should go with the toms or sperrys cause sperrys don't look like much of a summer shoe.
So I have a couple questions to sum this all up:

Should I get TOMS or Sperrys?
If I get TOMS what color?
Whats your opinion on a guy that wears TOMS?
Would you date a guy that wore TOMS?
Would you rather date a guy that wears TOMS or Sperrys?
Thank you for taking the time to answer!!😀👌👍
Should a guy wear TOMS?
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