What's your favorite lip liner?

A while ago, I posted a similar question: I asked the girls what's their favorite mascara. This time, I'll ask what's your favorite lip liner. There are so many conflicting reviews about each brand and type of lip liner out there, that I don't know which to choose! By the way, I'd hope to spend $15 or less for a high-quality lip liner.
So, without further ado, please include the following in your answers...
1. What brand is your lip liner?
2. What's the texture/consistency of the lip liner? (Does the pencil or gel glide smoothly across your lips?)
3. How often do you re-apply your lip liner throughout the day?
Thank you!


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  • I don't like lip liner all that much because I feel it makes me look older - I feel it makes any woman look older.

  • I absolutely love the essence 05 soft berry lipliner :)


  • Jordana easy liner in tawny. It goes on pretty smoothly but it stays on and is matte.