Garterbelts, pantyhose, stockings?

I'm just wondering, what do you women prefer to wear and what do you men prefer women wear?

Pantyhose? Garter belts/suspender belts with stockings? Stay up stockings? Other?


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  • This is right up my alley!I love all hosiery,in all forms.I'm definitely a "leg"girl,in all aspects.I not only enjoy wearing them,since I especially love how they feel as well as how they make my legs look,but enjoy seeing them on other women,too.(yes,I am bi!)As for which one that I'll choose,it all depends on several things,such as :My mood,the outfit that I'm wearing,and what the occasion is.If I'm going to work at the office,generally it's pantyhose/tights.If it's a really short skirt,party,cocktail or LBD type of dress,then it will most likely be a pair of really shear or shimmery pantyhose/tights.However,if I'm feeling a little risque,then I'm definitely going for some really sexy nylons,either stay-ups or with a garter belt.Something about this image is really sexy for both men and women,and I've never had any problem making heads turn(male or female)when I've been dressed in a great skirt or dress,some great heels and wearing some super sexy hosiery.Besides,I think that it looks far more "finished"then the bare leg look. I also love looking at pictures or movies from decades ago,and seeing how beautiful ,sexy and confident all the women looked,dressed and acted.I think that,for the most part,todays girls/women look like bums,or dress like the're al going to hang around a street corner.Just one girls opinion!

    • I totally agree with you. Wearing a garterbelt and a pair of stocks under a dress or a skirt matched with a pair of high heels makes me feel beautiful and sexy.

      I've always loved the stocking-look from 30-50's as well.

    • Why, in your opinion are so many American women going bare legged ? I see it all of the time here in California, and hear that it is a trend almostly nationwide. I have even heard the comment that for men to want women to wear hose/stockings etc of any kind is "sexist" ?

      Glad to hear this kind of input from a woman, and especially a bi woman.

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  • For some insane reason,I repeat, insane, many, many women in the U.S are now going bare legged, and I do not understand why. "Uncomfortable, binding, runners, "damned uncomfortable etc etc" I went to a Christmas Eve party last night and wore my tuxedo, (fabulous home, rich neighborhood, monied guests, and monied homeowners of course. The pretty daughter of the host came in a black evening dress, high heels,AND BARE LEGS ! I wanted to barf. My tuxedo is not comfortable, but my host / hostess, said it was "HOT" ...I do not know or understand why contemporarty women 'dress down" concerning the bare leg look ?

    Several years ago my Girlfriend wore a garter belt, but the stocking she wore were only just above the knee...I found a website, link that sold garter belts and stockings and bought her a REAL garter belt and she started wearing it all the time. It held her stocking all the way to the very tops of her thighs", and she could wear any short skirt/ short dress etc.

    Glad to see that "cun7ninja" responded to your question below, since she responded to my question along the same lines a couple months ago. Glad some women feel the same as the guys. Also, sheer, pantyhose drive me through the ceiling too. I believe that women in Europe don't share the American dress trends for men or women.

    Check the website link I sent and you might get some ideas and I am sure yoiu can buy online


    • I never dress down simply because wearing a pretty party dress, a corset, a pair of real stockings ect does not feel comfortable. It makes you feel confident, sexy and beautiful - I take the chance to dress up whenever I can. But on the other hand I feel very comfortable in such clothes.

      Nice webshop. Thanks. Sadly its too much trouble buying from the states, since the Danish postoffice has raised the taxes on goods from the US. But we have quite a few good online stockingshops here. hehe.

  • It's all rather sexy to me, but I tend to gravitate towards stockings a little higher than the knees with a garter belt attached with the little suspender thingies. Sexy lingerie while still showing some skin, best of both worlds. o.O

    • Yes I agree. I love the look of a garterbelt and stockings.

  • Love pantyhose. Crazy for garter belts. Insane for stockings. Picking one for me is like picking my favorite pizza topping, it's impossible. Although I think I can narrow it down to either a garter belt and stockings. You should wear all three if you really want to blow a guys brains away.

  • chicks in any form of lingerie that's not skin tight vinyl or leather is fine with me, though I'm not big on the garter belts.


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  • Garter belt and stockings, but I also like full tights in different patterns. =] I've been expanding my collection for the last couple years. Winter is cold here, so I what I really need is to invest in some in thicker patterns and weaves so I'm not stuck in pants all Winter.

    • Pants, I tell ya my dear, they're more trouble than they're worth sometimes! =P

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    • I shall present thee with a test oh rememberer of great detail. What three instruments does Jeffery play. Choose your letters wisely hon=|

    • My eyes do not want to stay open any longer, I must go now=P By the way I'd never lull you into a false sense of security sweetie *pats your head and shushes you gently* Everything is going to be just fine o.O

  • I love garter belts with stockings. I'm also obsessed with knee high and thigh high socks. And I've recently got some thigh high leg warmers and I can't wait to rock those.

    • Exactly! I only wear pantyhose because the winters here are so cold.

      but I love the look and feel of garterbelts and stockings. and yes knee high socks are cute as well.


  • I Like garter belts, so does my boyfriend. He doesn't care either way. He likes whatever I pick up.