Tights. Leggings, underwear?

Ladies, could someone please explain the difference between tights and leggings and yoga pants? Do you wear underwear under some, or not? If you do, are pantylines ok? Are some OK to wear at work?


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  • Tights
    usually see-through, always worn with a dress or a skirt

    thicker than tights, don't have the sock part. You can wear them with pretty much anything, but i prefer longer tops, since I'm not really a fan of showing off my butt XD

    Yoga Pants
    usualyl even thicker than leggings, meant for sports like jogging and stuff

    I ALWAYS wear underwear. I go for a thong with leggings or yoga pants though, I despise underwear lines XD

    • PERFECT answer!! I often overhear some of the women in the office talking about others, and "tight's" without a dress, or leggings with panty lines. I really don't care, because I think they look nice, in whatever, even when they are wearing something 'wrong' from the others' perspective!

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    • @SandPlanet Yeah I think wearing leggings uncovered is totally fine. I just don't really like to do it myself because I feel exposed somehow XD

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • tights cover feet. leggings and yogapants
    cut off at the ankles.

  • Underneath anything always wear underwear!

  • @SomeGuy37 - as a recent thong undies wearer I and a whole lot of other Ladies can assure you that thongs are both comfortable and sensible undies. They look better (to us) than a pair of boyshorts (the other style that's comfortable to me) under yogapants. We don't like advertising our undies beneath yogapants or any other form fitting attire, we wear them for ourselves not ogling men. Rather see a woman wearing a thong under those yogapants than nothing.

    • But some guys like visible panty lines. Not judging, not commenting on 'Modern Fashion' and 'Style'. Not thinking it's 'trashy' or bad.

      Ultimately, any guy that cares for you wants you to feel comfortable, not just dressing for them!!

      Just saying it's a little turn on for some. . .

  • I go with thongs when I wear yogapants. Pantylines just look awful :p

    • I have to disagree with you about panty lines!! I would rather see a panty line, than think she isn't wearing anything, or just 'anal floss'.
      Panty lines are kind of sexy, knowing she is a 'sensible woman' wearing 'sensible, comfortable underwear!"
      I am a bit 'biased', maybe, as I like the 'nice girls' and 'good girls' and they know how hot they are!!!

    • Sensible haha

  • Tights are shear
    Leggings are like tights but thicker
    And yoga pants are like leggings but thicker. Yoga pants are for sports exercise etc...

    I always do and depends on where you work for this to be okay...

  • tights are sheer and cover the feet. leggings and yoga pants don't cover the feet and are thicker.

    I always wear thongs with leggings or yoga pants. I don't like pantylines and they are comfortable

  • yoga pants typically have a flair at the bottom of the leg. like wide leggings

  • Tights: www.fogalworld.com/.../...-tights-p48-670_zoom.jpg
    Yoga pants:pics.ae.com/.../0491_3083_653_of

    Tights have feet and are usually somewhat see through
    Leggings are cut off at the feet thicker and if you get the right ones aren't see through
    Yoga pants usually have a thicker band at the top and a lot of the time in a sports fabric, also cut off at the feet.

  • Leggings and yoga pants are almost the same thing except yoga pants usually come in more of a bootcut fit. It's best to wear a thong or seamless underwear with leggings or yoga pants. Neither of these would be good for work except for the case of working somewhere with a very casual dress code.
    Tights should really only be worn under a dress or skirt since they are more see-through than yoga pants or leggings. The kind of underwear worn with tights pretty much just depends on the dress or skirt that is worn with the tights. Tights are fine for work if worn with a professional looking skirt or dress.

  • your inyour 30s you should know this shte


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