Girls, VTL!!! Visible thong lines with leggings?

Hello so I've recently jumped on the leggings band wagon lol soooo comfey BUT major underwear lines!!! So I've started wearing thongs 😊 to prevent it BUT you can clearly see the outline of the thong at the top of my leggings really embarrassing help!!!

What do you wear under leggings?

Do you think 14 is to young to wear a thong?

Do you feel self conscious wear a thong with leggings because they are sooo thin and tight?

Is it normal to feel a bit aroused with wearing leggings?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I wear things under my leggings. I don't let the lines at the top bother me. If someone is looking close enough at you, around there for them to be able to see it, than you better be slapping a bitch whether it's a guy or girl.

  • 14 is a little young for a thong. You might not even have any pubic hair yet! I usually wear nothing under them

    • Lol I shave
      Don't like going with nothing just in case it shows through the front haha

    • So you have your full pubic hair already? That's lucky I didn't get mine until way later. What do you mean? Like cameltoe

    • I started shaving soon as it started growing lol
      Yer don't want no-one to see

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