What makes someone have pretty eyes?

Both girls and guys talk about how they like someone with pretty eyes or eyes that convey emotion. From what I've noticed, eyes are the number one feature that makes someone attractive. I'm no different;I love pretty eyes.

But really, what makes eyes pretty in the first place? I have a really hard time understanding why some eyes are prettier than others. I can't even tell if my own eyes are pretty, ugly, or whatever.

And how do eyes convey emotion? People say this a lot, but I don't see it. What makes someone have emotional eyes?


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  • "The window to the soul is your eyes"

    - Study that statement, it's the answer to your question.

    If you were hurt / happy / p*ssed off / laughing / ANY type of emotion recently- you're subconscious mind will show that through your eyes. It happens automatically without thought and it's semi-hard to hide your nonverbal (body) language.

    So let's say your hurting about an ex, someone that can read that from your nonverbal language- will be able to tell that your hurting, but not why. To understand "why" without you telling them, they would need to know a lot more about the situation, not just passing by you.

    So the "pretty eyes" your asking about- comes from someone who has an optimistic outlook on life. Someone that takes charge and is happy regardless of the pain they have experienced. Someone that knows that they CAN and WILL make a difference in this world.

    - Remember those "goosebumps" when you feel really good, that tickle all of your skin at one time (like a light breeze down the back of your neck?)- that feeling is what makes eyes beautiful.

    It's the best single, most attractive, way into my life as well as many others,

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • So everyone has emotional eyes then?

    • Exactly ^_^- beauty could be represented by "blue eyes" but if you had harmful intent represented in your "eye emotions" then someone would be less prone to compliment your eyes.

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  • You can read someone's emotions by the way the muscles around his/her eyes contract. How sincere they're being shows, especially when they're smiling link

    I've never heard of someone having ugly eyes though. They come in different shades and shapes, so I think they're very unique in general.

  • Shape and/or color as well as symmetry make eyes pretty...and if you have all three, then the result is stunning. Zooey Deschanel, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Connelly are examples of women with pretty/striking eyes. Small eyes aren't as attractive in my opinion. Some examples of not so pretty eyes: Tori Amos, Geena Davis and Andie Macdowell (though both are beautiful, their eyes aren't their best features) and Adrianna Lima's husband Marko Jaric has small, beady eyes.


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  • i agree with the fact that people who are generally cheerful and positive likely have more pleasant looking eyes I guess, but really I think there are people who just have attractive eyes that just sort of catch YOUR eye and mesmerize you, etc. lol some people have eyes that just aren't very appealing compared to others. I'm sure all of us can think someone who just has the most amazing eyes, and then other people whose eyes are just sort of ehhh. I think the attractiveness of the eyes and the mood of the person behind the eyes are like 2 seperate things. feel like I'm rambling about nothing though lol

  • Very hard to explain. I know this girl with brown hair & green eyes. The color just pulls me right in.

    All I can do is stare at her eyes.

    I know a blond with blue eyes. They are just such a wonderful color of blue BUT not as great as the girl with green eyes.

    Maybe because they are so different? Unique?

  • Laughing or smiling eyes are the prettiest

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