Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT - what do you think of his style?

I think he looks cool and might use him as inspiration when I update my wardrobe. What do you think of his style? Do girls like it?

Example pictures:

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2 link


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  • I kind of like it just because it's weird as f.uck, and strange quirks tend to intrigue me because I'm a strange girl. But definitely not just anyone can pull it off. I obviously have no idea what you look like, so I can't really say.

    I'd actually never seen what this guy looks like before this post, and the first thing I thought when I looked at the pictures was that it's remarkable how similar his style is to a friend of mine. I'd gotten so used to it over the years that it became pretty normal to me because it's very HIM. It's almost strange to see s.hit like that on someone else, haha. I wish I could find a good picture example of my friend, because the similarity is kind of ridiculous. =P


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  • i don't really think its appropriate for day to day life.. maybe if you're at a concert or something.. I wouldn't really date a guy like that because I would be worried he wouldn't be dressed appropriately for occasions like meeting my parents or a nice dinner. also the patterned pants are hideous.

  • its definitely different, he can get away with it because he's a rock star. I personality don't care too much about the way a guy I'm into dresses he can were whatever he wants. But some girls might see that look as strange, or some might totally dig it because its original, depends on the type of girl your going for.


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  • my cousin works for sony music and she got me to go to one of their shows and met them afterwords and he is definitely wacked out of his mind hahah his style of clothing reflects that. regardless it was a great show to go to, I personally wouldn't try to rock that..its undefineable. its a mix of 60-70s hippie clothing with 80 glam rock clothes and early 90 hip hop clothing, its odd to say the least.

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