I'm so damn ugly. What can I do?

I feel like I'm the ugliest guy on the universe. What can I do? People say that they are their own worst critics, but there's nothing good about me. I can't be inspired to do sh*t. I can't find dates, no one gives a f***, all because I'm ugly as f***.

I am unattractive and ugly and some people have told me that right in front of my face and I have beaten the crap out of them. What's the option for me? Plastic surgery to improve my face? inserting steel rods in my legs to make me look taller? I'm 5'6"-5'7" and I feel that I'm short and ugly. No one wants me everyone I know wants someone 6' or above. I can't make someone like me, but how, I'm ugly. What could I do?

I don't want to show a picture because I'm afraid for safety concerns. I feel like I'm worthless or worth nothing at all.


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  • As long as you don' t have an extra arm sticking out of your head, I don' t think you'd be that ugly. I knew this one guy who had a uni brow, and he was ugly but he had a really great personality meaning he was outgoing, smiled a lot, was really friendly, and made a lot of friends. People mostly liked him because even though he wasn't attractive he was still happy, nice, and friendly, and that's all people really want, is someone who is nice/friendly to them. There are a lot of judgmental people but there are a lot that aren't... just relax, and try to be more outgoing, so you don't get caught up in your looks.


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  • Wear clothes to make you look taller. Wearing shirts with vertical stripes will make you appear taller and leaner. Find out about your colouring, what colours suit you etc. You'd be surprised how much that'll help. I'm sure you could find that out on the internet. If not, since you're obv willing to spend money improving yourself (hence your reference to surgery), you could go to an image consultant. Get a good haircut, maybe change your hair colour. Get into a good skin routine, to improve bad skin (if you have it), and try to improve your posture, making you appear taller, more confident and therefore more attractive.

    Until you try these things I don't think you should consider surgery... it's too drastic.

    And with regards people having said you're unattractive...at some stage that happens to anyone...they may not really have meant it, they may have just been being unneccesarily mean!

    Hope you're willing to try these things... good luck!


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  • No dude. It is not like that. Even I used to think that I look ugly. I am 26, virgin and never had a girlfriend, how does it sound ? My problem is somewhat similar. Girls of my choice never like me. :-\

    I look average and I am certainly not a hunk. Actually, the thing is to keep yourself involved in something or the other. Stop thinking that you look ugly and I am sure that you are not ugly. Concentrate on your career, your studies, your work, etc. At least one girl on the planet will notice you and she will judge you by your inner qualities(There are many girls on the planet).


    1) Dress decently

    2)Talk politely

    3)Work on your confidence level and communication skills


    There exists at least one girl for every guy that exists. Believe this, it is true.

  • Dude, I'm shorter than you and I get cute girls. Why? Because they can tell that I like myself. Here's what you can do to help yourself:

    1.) Cultivate a hobby that might lead into a passion.

    2.) Read more non-fiction to become more intelligent.

    3.) Exercise and nutrition. It will make you happier.

    4.) Joke around more.

    5.) Get a female friend who's fashion sense you like to take you shopping.

    6.) If this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight.

  • have a little self confidence.

    hygiene is the key to beauty.

  • Join the Marines, you get all the self confidence you need. Or you could try what Weiii said.

    ~ BboyVesob

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