Side Bangs For Cowlicks?

My hair has been the same for about 2 years now & I feel like I want to change it a little : ) I really want side bangs but I have a cowlick and I can't find any pictures of people with side bangs that have cowlicks. I would really like to see the outcome of it.

If anyone could post me a link to something like that before March 14th, I would really appreciate it! : D


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  • Well lindsay has a cowlick: link

    But you wanted more of a bangs kind of thing, yes?: link

    If you want the kind of side bangs that are labeled "option 1" then what you want to do is take hair both from the left of the hair line and the right. Then sweep it towards the direction in which your hair grows. (it may take a bit for the hair follicles to shift) What I suggest is to start wearing the selected part of your hair that will eventually be bang-a-fied.

    Here are a few extra links :)





    Good luck!


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