Girls, Shaving the Hoohah... how do you do it?

http://m. wikihow. com/Shave-Your-Pubic-Hair

going to start shaving my pubes bc my boyfriend doesn't like my beav. How accurate is the above link? Anyone use a sugar scrub? What brand/type of shaving cream do you use? Once you're done, is there anything you put on it to help relieve the redness, bumps &/or itchiness? That's the part I can't stand... the itchiness :( I'm also petrified of nicking myself & then getting some sort of infection!

Tips & tricks please! Thanks! 😊😉☺


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  • I use baby oil it's a trick strippers use for a closer , longer - lasting shave and bonus no red bumps or itchiness.

    • I'll be using that next time and hopefully it works ughh

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    • Instead. It works for me hope it does for you.

    • Awesome! I'll try that! Thanks :)

  • I didn't check the link, but I shave down there and it's not bad at all. I do it either once a day or every other day bc I tend to grow stubble overnight it seems lol I use EOS shaving cream, bc it has lotion and leaves me feeling soft, plus my razor has that lotion stuff attached around the blades, if that makes sense. I only shave my vulva, and use eyebrow scissors for the longer hairs inside (so there's no stubble). Afterwards, I just put a bit of lotion, usually some that has oatmeal or something equally soothing. Overall I keep it simple, out of fear of yeast infection or something lol, hope that helps.

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