Thong string stimulating?

Do you find thong underwear to be stimulating?
Do you think you can get addicted to the feeling?
Are you still comfortable wearing full back underwear?

My friend asked me to post this she does horse riding and says when she rides in a thong it rubs and causes stimulating lol.

I have had this happen myself when doing squats at the gym so I know it's true.

Yes I do think that you can kinda get addicted to the feeling of a thong because you get used to having it then when you're wearing full back underwear you kinda miss the feeling of a thong.


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  • Lol, I have a friend who used to have her own horse and she would actually sometimes have orgasms on the horse due to the stimulation. She didn't wear thongs though I don't think, but I don't really know - it was just cause she had a really high sex drive and the position of the saddle etc. But... yes... wearing sexy lingerie can turn yourself on, along with looking really hot on a night out... haha. Like most things if you wear it a lot you get used to it, but just change it up now and then. The most important thing is to buy great lingerie. It helps how you feel, always makes you feel good and, well is just beautiful and sexy ;)


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  • this is very interesting but why not wear vibrating panties? i would if i was a girl lol

    • Can't really walk around at work vibrating lol

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    • Buzzzzzz lol people might hear plus I don't want to orgasm in public lol

    • just have it on slow and go to the bathroom when you need to cum

  • i dont understand how it's stimulating, then again, im not a girl


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  • Dat feel when you try to wear cheekies but they turn into a thong because of your bum 😭

    I'm not a fan of thongs unless they're a smooth material. Like lace thongs? Rub me wrong.

  • I mostly wear gstrings i wear boylegs for exercising.
    Gstrings make me feel sexier and it prob had something to do with the material and how it lays against my vagina and ass.

    I've got this pearl string gstring... strictly for pre playtime i can barley last an hour wearing them without wetting the ground

  • wtf, no. the shape of my bum and the cut of most if not all underwear manufacturers mean that my underwear ends up in a thong so I prefer to wear one with less fabric between my cheeks

  • Not at all.