Piercings and accutane.

i just started my 4th month on accutane. everything's been good. I haven't had any complications what-so-ever., but I wanted to know if it would be okay for me to get piercings while still on accutane.

i know I can't get a tattoo, or like wax my eye brows because my skin can scar and irritate but are piercings okay?

I've seen people say that their piercings don't heal fast and they have to remove them. has anyone gotten a piercing and were completely fine?

my b day is coming up and I really want to have it done by then but ill still be on the pill.

so can you please give me your experience or know of someones?


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  • yeah once you're on accutane you got to be careful. I recommend talking to your dermatologist first.


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  • im on accutane as well, I would do it personally but just to make sure its okay consult with your doctor I'm sure it would be fine as long as you take care of it and clean it.

  • if you start accutane, you should wait at least four to five months before you consider a piercing but I suggust waiting a little just to be safe

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