Girls, do you get too much unwanted attention from wearing over knee/thigh high socks?

I've always wondered why more women don't wear thigh high socks, because I really enjoy seeing them. If I spot a girl wearing them, I can't help but steal a couple glances at her. I figured with every other guy in the girl's vicinity doing the same thing, it could get really creepy and uncomfortable for her. Is this true? If you have worn thigh high socks in public, did you get too much unwanted attention? If not, what are other reasons a girl wouldn't want to wear them?


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  • I just think theyre overly sexualized. Like right now instead of them being viewed as clothing or something you're like ya itd be hot if more girls wore those.
    Girls wear them on days like Halloween or to Comicons for a reason. Theyre dressing up as an overly sexualized character or theme. They match the look.

    • I wonder what it would take for them to become more acceptable. I'm sure at some point in time, wearing short-shorts would be extremely improper. At what point were people like "yeah, that looks okay now".

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    • I honestly dont doubt that you'll be seeing them one day in the not so distant future. All it takes is 1 Kylie Jenner to put on a pair and suddenly everyone has and loves them lol

    • I can't wait for that to happen. Thanks!

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  • I wear thigh high socks in public all the time and I have never received any positive nor negative attention for it. Everyone seems pretty neutral to it.

    • Interesting. So do you think the reason not many girls wear thigh highs is simply because it's not trendy at the moment? Or maybe it's because they think it's too "slutty"?

    • Yeah I'd say it's just not trendy at the moment. They'll probably make a comeback eventually.

  • I've noticed the looks I get when I do wear knee high socks or knee high boots. It does get uncomfortable, but it's not going to make me feel paranoid. I want to wear what I want to wear.

    • Are they looks of disgust like "look at that weirdo" looks or are they admiring/lustful looks?

    • Just stares and glances as if you saw someone you thought you knew across the road

    • Do you get any enjoyment out of the extra attention?

  • I personally love them but I think they just dont fit me/my style.

    • I honestly think thigh high socks would look good on any woman. If you don't usually wear them and people who don't usually see you in it see you wearing it, they'll definitely be shocked or surprised at first. I think if you get over that initial bump, people will get used to it and it'll fit into your style. I'm also probably totally wrong though, as I have not the slightest experience in women's fashion. All I know is that I don't know a single girl that I wouldn't love to see in thigh highs.

  • I have wish i could more but yeah a lot of unwanted attention plus im part Japanese so a lot of gross Asian school girl comments 😑 while walking around minding my own business. do at home though


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