I attract geeks, nerds, and computer wizs.

For some reason I tend to attract hot guys, but also geeks and nerds. They seem to just like me for whatever reason. Probably because I tend to talk to them and not cut them off. I think that they are adorable, but they are just not mature and the type of guys that would sweep me off my feet. Any opinions, suggestion.

well I do love to hang out with these guys, I love their simplicity, their sense of humor and the way they look at relationships. I do agree with them when it comes to a lot of points. I'm not shallow I just wonder why am I attracting them?
they tend to be more romantic and friendly! and I love that about them. hot guys out there will score and go on the next one. almost all of my friends are geeks and nerds and I don't care what other people say. I never meant to disrespect them.


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  • Well, I'm a computer programmer and I understand what you mean. I'm majoring in Comp Sci and a lot of the guys that take it aren't the knight in shining armor type. They're kind of reserved and studious and they need some validation from women because they haven't got much in their lives. That isn't such a bad thing and it can have it's benefits for a woman in a relationship but it doesn't scream attractive if you're looking for a dominant man.

    There are pros and cons to every type of guy and the geeks are no exception. They're less self-regarding, less arrogant, less likely to treat you like crap but they're also not very self-assured, not as confident and not as unabashedly masculine as other guys. BUT there are some among them that may surprise you. It's among these guys where you may find a "diamond in the rough", so to speak. There are some among on them that are capable of sweeping you off your feet if you can coax them out of their shell.

    Some guys naturally develop social skills and comfort women. Some guys need a little push. If you're a shy dude, having a woman show interest and flirt with you is a real booster. If you just don't feel it, though at least befriend them and see if you can help them out. Even having a girl as a friend to help them understand women better can be a real help. There are some among them that, if they learn, can develop into the sort of man that girls love. One that's kind, caring, gentle and yet confident, manly and masculine. Sort of the best of both worlds if you will.


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  • You are one shallow person. I mean I'm sure the "hot" guys you attract are just as immature, if not more so. Those nerdy guys would give the world to be with you. Those hot guys would just throw you out like garbage after they are bored with you because they can get any girl they want, but if that's what you want, go ahead.

  • Guys are saying you are shallow (which I happen to agree) because you question assumes that geeks or nerds cannot be hot guys or that they are less mature than other guys.

    Actually I'm interested in that second point, why you think they are less mature.

  • Not mature? It sounds like you're being shallow.


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  • i think the best guy is a combination of a hot guy and nerd/geek. all computer geeks/nerds/wizzes are not nice sweet guys who would be a good boyfriend. that is a complete fallacy lol. I can always tell what status a guy is when he makes statements like that. I know plenty of asshole geeks and there are hot guys who are kind people too. my opinion question asker, is that you keep being yourself. be open to all guys and don't just cut them off. you will find the right one eventually.

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