Girls, Girls give a guy a girly makeover?

girls only, please answer. I have always wanted to see how it is to wear makeup and be a girl. how do I ask a girl to put makeup on me and get her to say yes. also, what is a "girly makeover" like what colors what types of clothes and accessories etc.

also separate question.

if a guy came up to you in the mall and asked you if you would put makeup on him what would you say?

anyone here would love to do it?
Any more answers?


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  • It's not bad if you want to try some make-up. A girly girl wears pastel colors. Pastels are always nice and denote sweetness. Also wear dresses. Dresses are essential for the girly look. Maybe try to ask some of your female friends to put make-up on you. Probably if you go to the mall and ask a random girl''Can you put make-up on me?'' she will believe that you are weird. Also, try to match your foundation to your skin color. Don't forget to keep your nails immaculate. It may seem like a small detail, but paying attention to details is important for maintaining the image of being a girly girl.
    *Sorry for my English

    • You're Englisch is actually really good
      Are you speaking german then?

      How do I match the foundation to the skin?

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    • I have blue eyes and dark blond hair which color would fit me?

    • do you have ideas for clothes?

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  • I'd love to do it. Personally, I don't wear slayage makeup; I prefer a more editorial style, but I'd love to play with someone else's face:). Ask someone you really trust. Just honestly say you're curious

    • i would love to get help from you

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    • Same, I only just realised. Maybe you could pose it as a question and invite me, if that's possible.

    • i ve done a new question
      with posebilety for private answer

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