Give a boy a girly makeover?

girls only, please answer. I have always wanted to see how it is to wear makeup and be a girl. how do I ask a girl to put makeup on me , put me into girl clothes and get her to say yes. also, what is a "girly makeover" like what colors what types of clothes and accessories etc.

anyone here would love to do it?


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  • You can try ordering clothes online. Feminine clothes usually would be softer colours, like pastels and such. For feminine makeup, keep it clean and light. So you look naturally flawless


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  • Me too


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  • I would, I convinced my kind of boyfriend to give him a drug queen makeover and he's actually pretty hyped up about it now. What kind of girl do you want to be then? (That's a way to decide on clothes and style overall)

  • just ask her! most likely she'll be enthusiastic about it, every girl i know including me are pretty happy and hype when we do it to some of our male friends

    • That's amazing
      Any idea for what to wear?

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    • just go to a local store and say the girl you're buying it for is built like you (if you're ashamed of telling the workers you're buying it for yourself)
      if youd like to do you can put on makeup too- just watch some YouTube beginner videos and have fun ;)

    • Do you now any good store?

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